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View of the Great Eastern

Notwithstanding the large amount of the steam force provided, the ship will be provided with six masts; there will be twenty ports on the lower deck, each five feet square, to receive railway waggons. She will also have sixty ports, two feet six inches square, for ventilation; and an abundance of dead-lights. The lower ports will be ten feet above the water when the ship is loaded. At the stern will be provided the means of keeping various animals—cows, sheep, poultry; in fact, a regular farm-yard. We noticed fire-buckets here and there, all filled and ready for instant use; for, although the chief part of the materials require no such precaution, and the woodwork is rendered incombustible by Lieutenant Jackson's process, still the occasional dropping of a hot rivet amongst the shavings below renders this precaution necessary. It is hoped that in twelve months this wonderful work will be ready to test the possibility of steam conveyance to Australia and other distant parts.

SOURCE: The Illustrated London News, May 24, 1856