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Government and General Order

Colonial Secretary's Office, July 13th, 1825.

IN Order to facilitate the Disposal of Servants from the Factory at Parramatta, it is requested, that every Person who is not known to the Governor and Council, will transmit, subjoined to his application, a Certificate of Character, from a Magistrate of the District and the Clergyman, if there be any clergyman residing in his Neighbourhood.

It is also notified, that any Person, receiving a Female Servant from the Factory, and returning her to that Establishment, under a Period of twelve months, without a Sentence from a Magistrate, shall not be allowed to obtain any other Servant from the Factory until that Period has expired; and further, that any Person, allowing a Female Convict to leave his or her Service, and remain at large, shall never be permitted to have any other Female from the Factory.

By his Excellency's Command

F. Goulburn, Colonial Secretary.

Source: SYDNEY GAZETTE, and New South Wales Advertiser. Published by Authority. VOLUME XXIII. THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1825, NUMBER 1130.