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Accident of the Eclipse Coach. William downes, Guard of the Eclipse Coach, states, that about the hour of half-past four o'clock this evening (Wednesday, June 29th), when at the distance of about two miles from Sydney, a man was driving a cart towards Sydney, down hill. He was seated in the cart in a state of intoxication, and driving upon the wrong side of the road. The Coach was then ascending the hill; Downes immediately sounded the horn, which appeared to be taken no notice of. When the coach came near the cart, on its proper side of the road, the driver of the cart incautiously crossed and recrossed the road, and by a sudden turn of his cart to his wrong side, the shaft of his cart entered the side of the off-side leading horse, and killed him on the spot. The Passengers outside were, Mr. Lindsay on the box; Mr. Nettleton, Mr. Maughan, and a Serjeant Snelling, of the 40th Regiment, on the front seat. Dr. Anderson rode inside.

W. Downes, Guard of the Eclipse Coach.
John Gambell, Coachman
We, the undersigned, being Passengers by the Eclipse Coach, this evening, from Sydney to Parramatta, confirm the above Statement.
William Maughan,
J. Snelling, Serjeant, 40th Regt.
Joseph Nettleton.
June 29, 1825

Source: SYDNEY GAZETTE, and New South Wales Advertiser. Published by Authority. VOLUME XXIII. THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1825, NUMBER 1130.