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GEORGE R. George the fourth, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth;
To our trusty and well-loved Sir Thomas Brisbane, Knight Commander of Our Civil and Military Order of the Bath, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over Our Colony of New South Wales,

KNOW YE, that We have nominated and appointed, and do hereby nominate and appoint, Our trusty and well-loved Matthew Devenish Meares, Clerk, to be one of our Chaplains within Our said Colony; he, the said Matthew Devenish Meares, being a Priest in Holy Orders of the established Church of England and Ireland. And it is Our Will, that the said Matthew Devenish Meares shall hold such his Office during our pleasure, and no longer. And We do further direct and command, that the said Matthew Devenish Meares, so long as he shall retain his office, shall officiate as a Minister of the Established Church aforesaid, at such Places, or Place, within Our said Colony, as the Venerable the Archdeacon, for the Time-being, of the said Colony, from Time to Time, appoint; it being Our Will and Pleasure, that the said Archdeacon shall commit to the said Matthew Devenish Meares such spiritual Charge, within Our said Colony, as are said Matthew Devenish Meares shall appear to him best qualified to execute; and as may most effectively send to the Advancement of Religion and Virtue within our said Colony.

GIVEN at Our Court, at Carlton-house,
This Twentieth Day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, in the Fifth year of Our Reign.
By his Majesty's command

Source: SYDNEY GAZETTE, and New South Wales Advertiser. Published by Authority. VOLUME XXIII. THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1825, NUMBER 1130.