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NOW Open, and on SALE by MRS. Reynolds, 19, Pitt-street, an Investment of Silks, of all colours, both twilled and plain, black and blue silk camblet, black silk handkerchiefs, children's black and coloured boots and shoes, gentlemen's white and coloured neckerchiefs, brown Holland, sprig muslins for ladies' dresses, a choice assortment of gentlemen and ladies' cotton and silk stockings, an elegant assortment of ladies Cashmere scarfs and shawls, worked flounce dresses, worked trimmings, jaconet and cambrie letting-in, mull, jaconet, and India book muslins, gentlemen's half hose, ribbons of every description, prints of all patterns, gentlemen and ladies' seal-skin shoes, black and white silk gloves, coloured kid ditto, black stuffs, coloured figured ditto, white cotton cord, English check, ladies' satin and straw bonnets, children's trimmed and untrimmed ditto, huckaback towelling, Welsh flannel of a superior quality, thread lace and quilling-worked collars, lace caps, silk stay laces, plaids of all patterns, together with the numerous Articles already advertised.

Source: SYDNEY GAZETTE, and New South Wales Advertiser. Published by Authority. VOLUME XXIII. THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1825, NUMBER 1130.