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Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1853.

The TERMS for the next COLLEGE YEAR will be from Oct. 2 to Dec 16, from Jan. 15 to March 31, and from April 23 to July 7. The College will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive, and on Whitsun Monday.

1. HIGHER COURSE for Students above 18 years.—Lectures, will be given on subjects in Divinity, History, Literature, Science, &c. A Special Course will be given in the Michaelmas Term, by Canon Farrar, on Scripture Interpretation from Pre-Christian Times to the Present Day. Fee for each Course of 10 Lectures, 1 1s.

2. FOUR YEARS' COURSE for Students of 14 years and upwards.—Class-teaching and individual instruction are given by the Professors and Assistant-teachers of the College in the various subjects of the College Programme. General fee, 8 8s. or 10 10s. a term; fee for a single weekly class, 1 6s. 3d.

Several SCHOLARSHIPS, giving Free Education at the College, will be awarded by examination in the week preceding the Michaelmas Term, at which time the Entrance Examinations is also held.

3. The School for Pupils of Five Years and upwards prepares for the College.

For the School, the MICHAELMAS TERM begins a week earlier, and the SUMMER TERM ends a week later than the College Terms. Fee from 4 4s.to 8 8s. a Term.

Boarders are received in houses near the College by Miss WOOD, 41 Harley-street; Miss KNOTT, 19, Queen Anne-street; and Mrs. RUSSELL, 23, Nottingham-place. Charge, per single Term, at Miss WOOD'S and Miss KNOTT'S, 22 guineas, at Mrs. RUSSELL'S, 16 guineas; at a lower rate for the three Terms.

Applications for Prospectuses and Programmes may be addressed to the Secretary at the College.

J. Llewelyn Davies, Principal.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2254—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 15, 1882, p.66