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Up to the present time twenty public and ninety-six local Acts have been passed in a Session of five months.

The Midland Railway Company yesterday week inaugurated, in connection with their express-train service, a system of dining­room Pullman cars to run between London and Liverpool.

A train from Cork to Queenstown on Sunday evening; ran into a train from Youghal as the former was leaving Cork, and from thirty to forty passengers were injured.

Mr. Woodbridge has been elected it Common Councilman for the ward of Farringdon Without, in the room of Mr. de Keyser, elected Alderman.

An excellent art exhibition in connection with the Sleaford School of Art was opened in the Corn Exchange on Monday, by the Earl of Yarborough.

The supply of live stock and fresh meat from the United States and Canada landed at Liverpool last week showed a somewhat large decrease in live stock and a large increase in fresh meat in comparison with the figures of the previous week.

Mr. Francis Marcet, F.R.S., has given £1000 to the Council of University College, London, to be applied to the reduction of the building debt. The amount still required to defray the debt is £12,000.

Speech Day at Harrow took place on Thursday week, when, the broken weather notwithstanding, a considerable number of old Harrovians visited the school, and manifested an interest in the carrying out of the varied programme.

At a needing of the Court of Common Council on Thurs­day week a proposal to enlarge Billingsgate Market was met by and amendment in the shape of the previous question, which, after a short discussion, was carried.

The question of reopening the inquiry into the management of the St. Paul's Industrial School was before the London School Board last week, and, after much diversity of opinion had been expressed, the "previous question" was carried.

On Tuesday the 111th election of children to the benefits of the British Orphan Asylum took place at the City Terminus Hotel. The vacancies were twenty-two (ten for boy, and twelve for girls), and the number of eligible candi­dates were forty-six, of whom twenty-one were boys and twenty-five girls.

About 900 working men, members of clubs connected with the Working Men's Club and Institute Union, attended a conversazione given yesterday week by Sir Thomas and Lady Brassey, in the South Kensington Museum.

Riots have broken out at Tredegar between the Irish and Welsh residents, originating, it is said, in the resentment of the former against two of their own countrymen having joined the Salvation Army. Several houses have been wrecked, and some persons wounded.

A general order was issued last Saturday announcing that the autumn manoeuvres, for which troops were to have assembled at Aldershott shortly, have been finally countermanded, in consequence of many regiments having to be held in readiness for service in the Mediterranean.

The Committee of the Royal Humane Society has had under investigation a large number of cases of saving or attempting to save life from drowning in various parts of the world, and has made several awards, six of the recipients being boys ranging in age from sixteen down to twelve years.

Civil List pensions of £50 per annum to Mrs. Alice Chadwick and £90 to Mr. Edwin Waugh were granted just before the close of last month, thus exhausting the sum of £1200 per annum which the Crown is empowered to confer upon persons distinguished in art, literature, and science.

General Sir R. Wilbraham distributed the prizes to the successful students at King's College on Thursday week, the School of Practical Fine Art being for the first time included, it having been recently founded by the aid of the City and Guilds of London Institute.

Sir W. Armstrong has given £5000 towards the completion of two wings and corridors in connection with the new Natural History Museum at Newcastle, and Lady Armstrong has subscribed £1000 towards the general building fund—these sums, being additional to contributions already given by Sir W. and Lady Armstrong.

The annual meeting of the Incorporated Law Society was held yesterday week at the Law Institution, when the chair was taken by Mr. C. Druce. Before the close of the proceedings a resolution to abolish the Long Vacation was proposed, the mover saying that it was a great scandal that a recent libel case had had to be postponed till November to allow the Judge to go on circuit. The motion was withdrawn in view of a report to be made on the subject by a committee.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2254—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 15, 1882, p.66