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One who may be presumed to know gives the following instance of the inequality of railway rates:—"The rate for pig-iron to Hull from ironworks situated near Leeds is 6s. 3d. per ton, and the distance fifty-two miles. The rate for pig-iron to Hull from ironworks situated near Middlesbrough is 6s. 1d. per ton, and the distance is ninety-two miles. Middlesbrough iron is therefore carried forty miles further at 2d. per ton less than Leeds iron, the same railway conveying in both cases." Some members of the Parliamentary Committee on Railway Rates and Fares are in favour of these preferences as calculated to foster trade in given directions, but as in such cases one of two must be injured, it is naturally felt that it ought not to be in the power of a monopoly owning company to handicap at will. I should like to see the Board of Trade officials armed with power to investigate such a case and take it before the Railway Commissioners, and such Commissioners to have power to require the offending company to carry for all its customers at the lowest scale proved to be current, unless good cause should be shown for the difference.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2254—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 15, 1882, p.59

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