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The will (dated July 19, 1879), with a codicil (dated June 4, 1882), of Robert Amadeus, Baron Heath, Consul-General in London for the Kingdom of Italy, Knight Commander of St. Maurice et Lazarus and of the Crown of Italy, late of No. 1, Old Jewry, and of Croydon, who died on the 5th ult., at No. 42, Rue des Mathurins, Paris, was proved on the 4th inst. by Henry Burnley Heath, the brother, and Charles Thomas Dorey, the executors, the value of the personal estate being upwards of 161,000. The testator gives his library of books to his wife, Harriett, Baroness Heath, for life, and then to his two daughters, Mrs. Ellen Rose Swaine, and Mrs. Ada Harriet Curtis; his silver and sliver-gilt plate to his wife for life, and then to his said daughters and his son Amédée John; his violoncello by Antonius Stradivarius, in case, with bow by Tourte, ornamented with tortoiseshell and gold, to his brother Henry; and there are other specific gifts to his children and to his sons-in-law; the remainder of his household furniture and effects he bequeaths to his wife. He also bequeaths to his wife 500; to his said son 15,000; to his executor, Mr. Dorey, 1000; and pecuniary legacies to his sons-in-law, solicitor, Vice-Consul, clerks, coachman, and indoor and outdoor servants. The residue of his property, real and personal, is to be held upon trust for his wife during widowhood, and on her death or marriage again for his three children.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2254—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 15, 1882, p.74