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Beckford Library

At the Beckford Library sale on the 12th inst. at Sotheby's three folio volumes, containing portraits of kings, illustrious men and women, and painters, by Antoine Van Dyck, were offered for sale. This series of the engraved works of Van Dyck, in which are numerous etchings by his own hand, is considered not only the finest, but the most complete ever formed, comprising in various states upwards of five hundred portraits, including the equestrian portraits, among which are those of Charles I. and Cromwell. One thousand pounds was the first sum offered, but the volumes were not knocked down till the bidding had reached 2850.—On the 13th inst. the sale of the first portion was brought to a close, the following prices being realised:—"Franchini Poemata," with the capitals painted in gold and colours, and bound in red morocco covered with Grolier tooling on the sides, and with the monogram of the Marquis de Menars stamped in gold on the back, from the libraries of Grolier and Thuanus, sold for 230 (Nattali). "Frobisher's Three Voyages of Discoverie for the Finding of a Passage to Cathaya by the North-west," in black letter, 1578, with two rare maps; and "Keymis' Second Voyage to Guiana," 1596; both bound in one volume small 4to, with old gilt marble calf, by Kalthoeber, 300 (Quaritch). A Collection of thirty-six coloured Drawings of Maps and Plans of France, executed in 1602 and 1603, for King Henry IV.'s own use, and bound in olive morocco, super-extra, covered with fleur-de-lis stamped in gold, the King's arms forming the centre ornaments, with his crowned H. at each corner, royal folio—a magnificent specimen of the skill of Clovis Eve, for which 70 guineas were offered, but it eventually became the property of Mr. Quaritch for 375. The day's sale realised 2805; making a total of 31,515 for the twelve days.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2255—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 22, 1882, p.86