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Civil List Pensions

A Parliamentary return was issued last Saturday giving a list of all pensions granted during the year ended June 20 last, and charged upon the Civil List, as follows :

Dr. William Alexander Greenhill, in consideration of his services to medical literature and sanitary improvement, 50 per annum.

Dr. Charles Wells, in recognition of his services in connection with Oriental languages and literature, 50 per annum.

Mr. Charles Patrick O'Connor, in consideration of his merits as a poet, and of his narrow means of subsistence, 50 per annum.

Professor Thomas Wharton Jones, in recognition of his services to medical science, 150 per annum.

The Rev. John Jones, in consideration of his literary services in Wales, 50 per annum.

Mrs. Anne Lucy, in consideration of the services rendered to art by her late husband, Mr. Charles Lacy, 70 per annum.

Mrs. Katherine Burton, in consideration of the valuable contributions to literature of her late husband, Dr. John Hill Burton, especially in connection with the "History of Scotland," 80 per annum.

Miss Marianne Alice Aline Burke, in consideration of the high character and distinguished services of her brother, Mr. F.H. Burke, and in view of all the circumstances of the case, 400 per anuum.

Maria Fairman Lady Cole, in recognition of the great services rendered by her late husband, Sir Henry Cole, in the advancement of science and art in the country, 150 per annum.

Mr. Edwin Waugh, in consideration of his literary merit, 90 per annum.

Mrs. Alice Callaghan, in recognition of the excellent public services of her late husband, Mr. J.F. Callaghan, C.M.G., Governor of Bahamas, and of her narrow circumstances, 50 per annum.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2255—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 22, 1882, p.87