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[Royal Visit: Convalescent Home]

At the Convalescent Home, a very excellent institution, for which the new buildings, with room for sixty poor children, were lately erected, the chairman, Mr. C. J. Murray, received the Prince and Princess, who were conducted to the dining-hall. Here an address to the Princess was read, her Royal Highness replying as follows:—"I declare this house opened and devoted for ever to the glory of God and the use of poor convalescent children from all parts of the kingdom, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the holy Ghost." The Bishop of Chichester, and the Chaplain of the Home, performed a short religious service, and several young ladies presented purses to the Princess, who had remarked with great pleasure the school children massed in St. Andrew's Park and at the western end of the Marina. After this ceremony was over the Royal carriage was escorted to the Warrior-square Rooms, where four hundred and fifty guests sat down to luncheon, Mr. C. J. Murray taking the chair, with the Princess of Wales on his right hand. The Prince made a genial and appropriate speech in acknowledging the toast of their Royal Highnesses' health. They returned to London by a special train at four o'clock. There was a display of fireworks at Hastings in the evening, furnished by Mr. C. Brock, of the Crystal palace, with an electric light illumination from the Castle ruins.

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.14