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[Hastings: Fishermen's Society]

An incident of this Royal visit to Hastings which may be specially mentioned, is the presenting of an address at the Albert Memorial, by the Fishermen's Society, who mustered two hundred, led by Mr. F. Johnson, of Norman-road, St. Leonard, with the Rev. James Weller and the Rev. Charles Dawes of the Fishermen's Church. Their address made an apt illusion to the naval and seafaring experiences of the Prince of Wales's Royal brother, the Duke of Edinburgh, and of his two sons, Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales as well as to the active interest which his Royal Highness has taken in the fisheries of this kingdom, and in the agencies for preserving the lives of seamen. Mr. F. Johnson is the honorary secretary, and the Rev. James Weller is one of the Committee of the Association for promoting the formation of additional Harbours of Refuge along our coasts, which is a patriotic and beneficial design.

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.14