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London Street Index, 1930

Source: Names of Street and Places in the London Postal Area
London, Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1930


Map of London Post Codes


Uamvar st., Poplar E. 14
Uffington rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Uffington rd., Willesden N.W. 10
Ufford st., Blackfriars rd. S.E. 1
Ufton gro. and rd., De Beauvoir town N.1
Ullathorne rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Ulleswater rd., Southgate N. 14
Ullin St., Poplar E. 14
Ullswater rd., Verdun rd. S.W. 13
Ullswater rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Ulric st., Camberwell S.E. 5
Ulster pl. and terr., Regent's pk. N.W. 1
Ulundi rd., Blackheath S.E. 3
Ulva rd., Putney S.W. 15
Ulverscroft rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Ulverston rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Ulverstone rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Ulysses rd., Fortune green rd. N.W. 6
Umberston st., Commercial rd. east E. 1
Umbria st., Roehampton S.W. 15
Umfreville rd., Harringay N. 4
Undercliff rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Underhill rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Underhill st., Camden town N.W. 1
Underwood row and st., Hoxton N. 1
Underwood st., Whitechapel E. 1
Undine st., Tooting S.W. 17
Union court, Hammersmith W. 6
Union court, Old Broad st. E.C. 2
Union cres., Kingsland rd. E. 2
Union gro., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Union mews, Clapham S.W. 4
Union mews, Union st. W. 1
Union pl., Aldersgate st E.C. 1
Union pl., Clerkenwell close E.C. 1
Union pl., Curtain rd. E.C. 2
Union pl, Paddington W. 2
Union pl., Union st. W. 1
Union rd., Bounds green N. 11
Union rd., Dulwich S.E. 21
Union rd.&—
     1 to 93 and 2 to 102, Larkhall lane S.W. 4
     95 and 104 and upwards, Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Union rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Union rd., Millwall E. 14
Union rd., Newington causeway S.E. 1
Union rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Union rd., Stoke Newington N. 16
Union rd., Tufnell pk. N. 7
Union rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Union row, Tottenham N. 17
Union sq., Islington N. 1
Union sq., Newington causeway S.E. 1
Union sq., Tottenham N. 17
Union st., Gt. Titchfield st. W. 1
Union st., Islington N. 1
Union st., Kingsland rd. E. 2
Union st., Larkhall lane S.W. 4
Union St., New Bridge st. E.C. 4
Union st., Pimlico rd. S.W. 1
Union st., Poplar E. 14
Union st., Southwark S.E. 1
Union st., Stratford E. 15
Union st., Woolwich S.E. 18
Union Walk, Kingsland rd. E. 2
University college, hospital and st., Gower st. W.C. 1
University rd., Collier's wood S.W. 19
Unwin rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Upcerne rd., King's rd. S.W. 10
Upcot st., Peckham S.E. 15
Upham pk. rd., Chiswick W. 4
Uphill rd., Mill hill N.W. 7
Upland rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Upland rd., Plaistow E. 13
Uplands av., Walthamstow E. 17
Uplands rd., Hornsey N. 8
Up. Addison gdns., W. Kensington W. 14
Up. Ashby st., Northampton sq. E.C. 1
Up. Baker st., Lloyd sq. W.C. 1
Up. Bedford pl., Russell sq. W.C. 1
Up. Belgrave st., Eaton sq. S.W. 1
Up. Belsize terr., Hampstead N.W. 3
Up. Berkeley st. W. 1
Up. Beulah hill, Norwood S.E. 19
Up. Bland st. S.E. 1
Up. Brockley rd. S.E. 4
Up. Brook mews, Paddington W. 2
Up. Brook st. W. 1
Up. Cavendish av. East end rd. N. 3
Up. Chadwell st., Myddelton sq. E.C. 1
Up. Chapman st., St. George-in-the-east E. 1
Up. Charles st., Northampton sq. E.C. 1
Up. Charlton st., Fitzroy sq. W. 1
Up. Cheyne row, Oakley st. S.W. 3
Up. Clapton rd. E. 5
Up. Colfe rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Up. Dorset st., Bryanston sq. W. 1
Up. E. Smithfield E. 1
Up. Franklin rd., Penge S.E. 20
Up. Garden st., Vauxhall bdge. rd. S.W. 1
Up. George st., Bryanston sq. W. 1
Up. Gloucester pl., Dorset sq. N.W. 1
Up. Grange rd., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Up. Grosvenor st. W. 1
Up. Ground pl. and st. S.E. 1
Up. Grove, S. Norwood S.E. 25
Up. Hall st., Peckham S.E. 15
Up. Hamilton terr., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Up. Harley st., Marleybone rd. N.W. 1
Up. Hornsey rise, Up. Holloway. N. 19
Up. James st., Golden sq. W. 1
Up. John st., Golden sq. W. 1
Up. John st., Hoxton N. 1
Up. Kennington lane S.E. 11
Up. Mall, Hammersmith W. 6
Up. Manor st., King's rd. S.W. 3
Up. market st., Woolwich S.E. 18
Up. marsh, Lambeth S.E. 1
Up. Marylebone st. W. 1
Up. Montagu st., Bryanston sq. W. 1
Up. Montague st., Russell sq. W.C. 1
Up. North st., Poplar E. 14
Up. Osbaldeston rd., Stoke Newington N. 16
Up. Park fields, Putney SW. 15
Up. Park pl., Dorset sq. N.W. 1
Up. Park rd., Hampstead N.W. 3
Up. Park rd., New Southgate N. 11
Up. Park st., Barnsbury N. 1
Up. Phillimore gdns. and pl., Kensington W. 8
Up. Porchester st., Hyde pk W. 2
Up. Rathbone pl. W. 1
Up. Richmond rd., Mortlake,
     40 to 424 and 199 to 567 S.W. 14
     The remainder of Upper Richmond rd. is in the delivery of Richmond.
Up. Richmond rd., Putney&—
     1 to 437 and 2 to 508 S.W. 15
Upper rd., Plaistow E. 13
Up. Rupert st., Wardour st. W. 1
Up. Russell st. S.E. 1
Up. St. Martin's lane W.C. 2
Up. Smith st., Northampton sq. E.C. 1
Upper st., Islington N. 1
Upper terr., Hampstead N.W. 3
Up. Thames st. E.C. 4
Up. Tollington pk., Stroud green N. 4
Up. Tooting pk. and rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Up. Tulse hill, Brixton S.W. 2
Up. Vernon st., Percy Circus W.C. 1
Up. Walthamstow rd. E. 17
Up. Watergate, Deptford S.E. 8
Up. Westbourne terr., Paddington W. 2
Up. William st., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Up. Wimpole mews and st. W. 1
Up. Winchester rd., Catford S.E. 6
Up. Woburn pl. W.C. 1
Up. Yardley st., Clerkenwell W.C. 1
Upperton rd., Plaistow E. 13
Upsdell av., Palmer's green N. 13
Upstall st., Camberwell S.E. 5
Upton av. lane, and pk. rd., Forest gate E. 7
Upton rd., Up. Edmonton N. 18
Upton rd., Woolwich S.E. 18
Upton row, Wandsworth S.W. 18
Upway, Woodhouse rd. N. 12
Upwood rd., Lee S.E. 12
Upwood rd, Norbury S.W. 16
Uranus terr., Eltham S.E. 9
Urban pl., Hackney E. 8
Ursula st., Battersea S.W. 11
Urswick rd., Homerton E. 9
Urswicke rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Usher rd., Bow E. 3
Usk rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Usk st., Bethnal green E. 2
Usk st., N. Woolwich rd. E. 16
Uverdale rd., King's rd. S.W. 10
Uxbridge rd. (part), Acton W. 3
Uxbridge rd.&—
     1 to 113 and 2 to 58, Ealing W. 5
     115 to 217 and 60 to 162, W. Ealing W. 13
     1 to 219 and 2 to 202, Hanwell W. 7
     1 to 289 and 2 to 492, Shepherd's bush W. 12
Uxbridge st., Kensington W. 8
Uxbridge st., Newington causeway S.E. 1
Uxbridge terr., Notting hill W. 11

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