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Review: S&N Genealogy

The Genealogy Supplies web site is an on-line store that specializes in selling over one hundred software programs, charts, CDs, books and other products which can be used to assist in a family research project and that also can help with the presentation of the results of this type of search. In addition to offering a multitude of products, the web site provides an abundance of information related to this topic. The Manager states that when purchasing products from the Genealogy Supplies web site, shoppers will get low prices, free advice, upgrades (when shoppers qualify) and exceptional customer service.


Anyone who is embarking on a family research project should begin their search on this web site. The home page is strategically written to introduce the person to the subject matter of family history research while at the same time entwining into the text some of the products that can assist with this task which the company just happens to offer for sale. The product names are links that enable the reader to find out more information about these and other similar products, including the price and a link to purchase. While the visitor is reading about how to start this task, he is also thinking about purchasing these products. This company hired a very clever copywriter. Some of the terms that are included in the text are defined in the on-line Glossary. Any word which appears in the Glossary is written as a link to the Glossary so that the reader can get the full definition.

The Genealogy Supplies web site also includes a product search tool, a product locator tool, a shopping cart module, a calendar of upcoming events, a news section, a new release section and a section where currently available special offers are described. The Contact page provides the company's physical location, and the ability to send an email message.

Every product that is available for sale is listed under the general category of Software, Data CDs, Books, or Binders, etc. To search for a product, first select a general category. Then look to the left to see the list of products that are included in this category. Click on any product link to view a description of this product, including its price. Clicking on the Buy Now link, typically located in the upper right hand corner of the description, will open the secure shopping module. From there, shopping happens as one would expect; a product is added to the basket, the contents of the basket can be viewed and edited as necessary, the shopper then clicks on Checkout when ready to pay and provide delivery information. It is that simple.

At the time of this review, the company was running a contest with the prize being a Genealogy Supplies Gift Voucher. The contest was seeking stories of how shoppers have used any of the products that the web site offers to assist with their family research projects. Also occurring at the time of this review was a search for new employees. If you've got a background in marketing and genealogy, and are looking for a new job, give the company a ring.

The Genealogy Supplies web site is complete and functional. It is apparent that a lot of time and energy went into the creation of this web site. If you are in the market for genealogy supplies, you should visit this web site today!