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Review: Local History Magazine


The Local History Magazine web site provides the visitor with additional information about this magazine which delves into the subject of local history. In addition to providing magazine-related information such as ordering back issues and subscribing, this web site also offers those who are interested a wealth of information on how to conduct research into any area's local history. The Local History Magazine is only available via subscription.

The information on the Local History Magazine's home page is brief, and consists mainly of links which are imbedded within the text. These same links appear down the left hand column, as well. The first link in the column, "Latest News", consists of a lengthy account of the editor's own efforts at completing a local history project. This research project consisted of the creation of several panels which would ultimately be placed inside foyer of the magazine's headquarters. The purpose of the panels is to provide a look into the history of New Lenton, the city in which the magazine's headquarters is located. The story outlined the project in detail, including both positive and negative aspects of it, and ended by encouraging others to undertake their own rewarding local history project. It was, overall, an inspiring article.

The "Latest Issue" link provides a summary of the contents of the most current issue of the Local History Magazine. The Past Issues link provides summaries of all past issues of the magazine, beginning with the first issues which were published in 1984. The past issues are sorted by year. The web site includes a standard shopping cart module, accessible by clicking on the Bookshop link, where back issues, new subscriptions and other books that the magazine editors have published can be ordered.

The remaining links on this web site do not have to do with the magazine. Instead, they all point to different topics that are related to the overall subject of local history. There is a very detailed link titled Getting Started which must be read by anyone who has ever considered undertaking this type of project. Included are seven suggestions (links) of where to go to gather the appropriate type of information for this type of research project.

Another link discusses the various ways that the publishing company, which has partnered with another publishing company for this effort, can help a person who is interested in writing, publishing and marketing a book under the subject of historical research.

Finally, the web site includes links to various history research-related organizations and these links are sorted by country. There are also links to various educational seminars and courses offered in various parts of the UK which are related to this subject. Plus, there are approximately 300 other links, categorized by various topics, available under the section titled, Links.

The Local History Magazine web site is a valuable source of information, not only on this interesting magazine, but on the overall subject of local history research. It is well worth a visit.