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Review: London Walks

London Walks

The London Walks web site is informative and fun to read. The web site content, of which there is a considerable amount, is written by the founder of London Walks, a company that specializes in conducting the finest walking tours of many different parts of London. Each London Walks walking tour lasts for two hours and will take the visitor to one or more well-known parts of London. The web site states that many of the walking tours are filled with interesting stories of historical significance so in addition to being fun, the London Walks tours are a learning experience as well. The cost of participating in these interesting walking tours is nominal and all are welcome to participate. The web site states that all those interested in a particular walking tour simply have to show up at the designated meeting site and then look for the easily identifiable tour leader. The leader will be carrying an armful of the company's hallmark white London Walks leaflets.

At the time of this review, the website content was transitioning from summer season events to those planned for the winter. The author attempts to whet the appetite of the web site's visitors by mentioning several upcoming holiday-themed walks. Other features of the London Walks web site include a helpful Frequently Asked Questions list. Between this FAQ and the section called, Here's Why, visitors can find out everything they need to know about the company, its guides and its walks. Visitors will also find appropriately described and clearly organized upcoming events, many of which are separated into different categories, including on-going, regularly-scheduled daily walks. The web site also includes functional links to other walk or tourist related websites which operate in London and other cities of interest. One section of the web site also lists the names of books that have been written by several of the guides. Unfortunately, descriptions are not available for any of the book titles listed in this section.

If you will be visiting London, and even if you have spent your entire life living in close proximity to the city of London, check out this web site. Using the London Walks web site as your initial guide, you will be easily able to find a walk that will tickle your fancy. Participating in a walk will do your heart some good and you may even learn something about this wonderful city that you had not known before.