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Review: London Topographical Society


The London Topographical Society was formed in 1880 with the primary goal of publishing maps, books and other information to document the growth, historical and topographical changes that have occurred in London from around the year 1500 up until recently. The Society's membership is worldwide and is continually increasing. Membership now stands at approximately 900.

The London Topographical Society web site is primarily a text and image-based web site which describe the costs and procedures for joining the Society, and of describing the various items that are available for purchase, their associated publication number and cost. Descriptions of the various items available for purchase are brief, but complete. The images that are available to view on the web site are very interesting and worth taking a look at.

The benefits and costs of membership in the London Topographical Society are outlined in the How to Join section of the web site. Members receive a copy of the Society's annual publication, a twice-yearly newsletter, an invitation to participate in the Society's annual gathering (which is described in detail under the Annual General Meetings link), and a 25% discount on past publications purchased via the Society.

London Topographical Society members also receive the Society's newsletter, which is produced two times each year. Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication to the newsletter editor.

There is no actual order form, nor is there a shopping cart module to facilitate the process of purchasing these items. Those interested in purchasing items simply mail in their requests to the Society's physical location, along with the proper payment and the items are delivered in a few weeks. As of the time of this review, payment using a credit or a debit card was not accepted. The newsletter does not appear to be available on-line nor does it look like the newsletter can be e-mailed to members.

The web site and members, too, probably could benefit from the implementation of more current web site technology. However, as stated right on the web site's Home Page, the Society is completely run by volunteers who hold full time jobs. Perhaps someone reading this review might wish to volunteer their time for this worthy cause?