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Table of Rates for Hackney Coaches in London

SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

A Table of Rates for Hackny Coaches in London, settled by Parliament, by Stat. 5. and 6. Will. and Mary.

For one Day of 12 Hours ----------------------- 10s. 0d.
For one Hour ------------------------------------- 1s. 6d.
For every Hour after the first -------------------- 1s. 0d.

From any of the Inns of Court to any part of St. James's, or City of Westminster, except beyond Tuttle street --- 1s. 0d.

From the Inns of Court, or thereabouts, to the Royal Exchange ----------- 1s. 0d.
From any of the Inns of Court to the Tower, Aldgate, Bishopsgate, or thereabouts --- 1s. 6d.
And the same Rates back again, or to any Place of the like Distance.

And if any Coachman shall refuse to go at, or exact more Hire than the Rates hereby limited, he shall for every such Offence forfeit 40 Shillings; if you give Information against him at the Office for Licensing Hackney Coaches, in Surry street in the Strand.

What is related about Coachmen, will serve for Directions in the Affairs of Chairmen : Let the Weather be Wet or dry, or the Time be Day or Night, it's the same; get into the Chair, and order the Chairmen to carry you as you design; and if they behave themselves unmannerly, take the Number of the Chair, as you do of a Hackney Coach, and complaining at the Office above mentioned, the Commissioners will correct their Insolence.