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Roads in England and Wales

An exact Description of the great Roads from LONDON to all the considerable Cities and Towns in England and Wales, together with the Cross Roads from one City or eminent Town to another, in measured miles.

Note, E. signifies East, W. West, N. North, S. South.

From Aberistwith to London 199 Miles, thus reckoned.
From Aberistwith to Riodergowy 28, to Ithon? River 9, to Prestain 13, to Leominster 13, to Bramyard 11, to Worcester 12, to Pershore 9, to Broadway 12, to Mortin in Marsh 7, to Easton 13, to Islip 12, to Wheatly Bridge 8, to Tetworth 4, to Wickham 12, to Beaconfield 5, to Uxbridge 8, to Acton 10, to London 8, which is the Metropolis or principle City of Great Britain.

From Bristol to Banbury 74 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Sudbury 12, to Tetbury 13, to Cirencester 10, to Burford 16, to South Newton 17, to Banbury 6, a Town in Oxfordshire, having a fair and large Church, and noted for being the place where Kenris, King of the West Saxons, put the Britons to flight, for a Battle fought between the Houses of York and Lancaster, in which the Lancastrians had the better, and took King Edward 4th Prisoner.

From Bristol to Chester 145 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Austferry 12, to Chepstow 6, to Monmouth 14, to Hereford 18, to Leominster 14, to Ludlow 10, to Churchstretton 15, to Shrewsbury 14, to Whitchurch 20, to Chester 20, a City in Cheshire and Bishoprick, situated on the River Dee; and under King Edgar was in good Esteem, when seven Monarchs of the Scots and Britons paying him Homage, row'd his Barge from St. John's to his Palace; himself, as supreme Lord, holding the Helm.

From Bristow to Exeter 78 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Bishopschue 7, to Wells 12, to Glassenbury 5, to Grinton 6, to Lyng 8, to Taunton 8, to Wellington 7, to Welland 10, to Bradinch 5, to Exeter 8, a City and Bishoprick in Devonshire.

From Bristol to Weymouth 74 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Bishopschue 7, to Wells 12, to Glassenbury 5, to Somerton 8, to Martlock 7, to Crookhorn 7, to Southparret 2, to Frampton 13, to Weymouth 12, which is situated on the furthermost Point of the County of Dorset, near the Isle of Portland.

From Bristol to Worcester 62 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Acton 9, to Dursley 12, to Whitminster 7, to Glocester 7, to Tewkesbury 10, to Severnstoke 8, to Worcester 7, a City in Worcestershire.

From Buckingham to Bridgnorth 81 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Banbury 17, to Nether Pellerton 12, to Stratford 8, to Coughton 9, to Broomgrove 11, to Kederminster 9, to Quot 9, to Bridgnorth 4, a large and well built Town in Shropshire, containing several good Inns.

From Cambridge to Coventry 80 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Elsley 11, to St. Neots 5, to Great Stoughton 5, to Highamferries 12, to Northampton 15, to Watford 11, to Rugby 8, to Coventry 11, a City and Bishoprick (with Lichfield) in Warwickshire.

From Calisle to Berwick 80 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Brackenhill 9, to the Entring Scotland 9, to Castleton 5, to Jedburg 22, to Kelso 10, to the Reentring England 5, to Cornhill 4, to Wessel 3, to Berwick 10, a Town in Northumberland, the Posession of which, during the Discords between the two Kingdoms before the Union, was very vigorously strove for by the opposite Parties. 'Twas taken by the King's Forces from the invading Scots, and 25000 of their numerous Army were slain, in the 25th Year of Edward 1st; but since the Reign of Edward 4th, it has been constantly posessed by the English.

From Chester to Cardiff 145 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Wrexham 11, to Sallaty 13, to Llanlylon 5, to Llanvelling 8, to Llantair 11, to Targunnon 6, to New Town 5, to Llanbeder-vunneth 9, to Llanbeder-vaur 10, to Bealth 10, to Brecknock 16, to Cardiff 37, a Corporation Town in Glamorganshire, seated on Taff of Tave River.

From Dartmouth to Minehead 71 Miles, thus reckoned.

To Newton Bushel 17, to Kenford 10, to Exeter 4, to Silverton 7, to Tiverton 7, to Bampton 7, to Bevry 4, to Embercomb 10, to Minehead 3, a Port Town in Somersetshire, whose convenient Harbour occasions an indifferent Trade to Ireland.

From Davids to Holywell 156 Miles, thus reckoned. To Fistard 16, to Newport 6, to Cardigan 10, to Llanarch 18, to Llanristed 7, to Llanbader vaur 8, to Talabont 6, to Machenleth 10, to Aberangel 10, to Llanam-mouthy 7, to Balla 13, to Bettus 10, to Ruthyn 10, to Holywell 15, a small Town or Village in Flintshire in Wales, so called from St. Winefred's Well, lying somewhat lower on the N. E. side of it ; a Place still much resorted to, by those who for their Health's sake come to bath there; as heretofore by Pilgrims paying their Devotions to the Christian Virgin Winefred, whose Name signifies a Winner or Gainer of Peace. She was courted by a certain young Prince, who meeting with a Repulse, at last surprized and ravished this beautiful Maid; and afterwards, having killed her, cut off her Head, which rolling down hither (as the Story goes) from an adjacent Hill, gave Rise to the said Well. The Spring is cold, and has a fair Chapel built over it upon Pillars; on the Windows of which is pourtrayed the History of St. Winefred. It gushes forth in that Quanity, and with so great Impetuosity, that it soon turns a Mill, and empties it self into the Sea, about 1 Mile and a half below. The Moss growing in the Well, of a sweet Scent, is taken for St. Winefred's Well.

From Exeter to Barnstable 38 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Crediton 8, to Chimleigh 13, to Barnstable 17, otherwise called Barnstaple, a large Corporation Town in Devonshire.

From Exeter to Truro 79 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Dunsford 7, to Chegford 7, to Tavistock 10, to Liscard 15, to Listwithiel 8, to Grampound 13, to Truro 7, a Market Town in Cornwall.

From Faringdon to Oxford 21 Miles, thus reckoned,
To Abingdon 15, to Oxford 6, a City, University and Bishoprick in Oxfordshire.

From Glocester to Coventry 58 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Cheltenham 9, Winchcomb 7, to Campden 11, to Stratford 11, to Warwick 8, to Coventry 10, a City seated near the middle of England, on Sherbourn River, whose Water is peculiar for the blue Dye. It hath 3 Parish Churches, and was enelofed with a strong Wall (demolished anno 1662) near 3 Miles in Compass, with 12 Gates and 26 Turrets.

From Glocester to Montgomery 70 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Huntley 6, to Ross 8, to Muchbirch 7, to Hereford 5, to Pembridge 12, to Prestain 6, to Knighton 4, to Cluna 5, to Montgomery 12, a Town in Montgomeryshire in North Wales, taking its Name from Roger de Montgomery, its first Founder, and formerly of more Note than now it is, having had a strong Wall and Castle, now ruinous. At present it scarce contains 100 houses.

From Hereford to Leicester 86 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Frontshil 11, to Worcester 12, to Droitwich 6, to Broomsgrove 5, to Alchurch 4, to Solihul 5, to Merider 6, to Coventry 6, to Woolney 9, to Shamford 4, to Leicester 10, the Shire Town for Leicestershire, of more Antiquity than Beauty, said to be founded by King Leir, 844 Years before the Birth of Christ, and called Cair Lerion; where he likewise built a Temple to Janus, and placed therein a Flamen, or High Priest. However, it is certain that it was in Request under the Romans, and was made an Episcopal See Anno Christi 680, by Ethelred, King of the Mercians; re-edified, and encompassed with a Wall, by the Lady Edelsled, in the Year 914; which, with its Castle, are long since fallen to ruin.

From Huntington to Ipswich 71 Miles, thus reckoned.
To St. Ives 5, to Erith 6, to Sutton 5, to Ely 6, to Soham 5, to Bury 18, to Walpit 8, to Needham 8, to Ipswich 9, an antient Corporation Town in Suffolk.

From Ipswich to Norwich 43 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Claydon 4, to Thwait 12, to Osmondston 7, to long Stretton 9, to Norwich 11, a City and Bishoprick in Norfolk.

From Kendal to Cockermouth 43 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Stanley 5, to Ambleside 8, to Keswick 16, to Cockermouth 14, a Town of good Account in Cumberland, seated on the Rivers Derwen and Coker; and it is adorned with a fair Church and strong Castle.

From London to Arundel 55 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Towting 6, to Ewel 7, to Letherhead 5, to Darking 4, to Stonestreet 5, to Billinghurst 11, to Amberley 9, to Arundel 4, an antient Borough Town in Sussex, on the N. W. of the Arun River over which it has a fair wooden Bridge, where Ships of 100 Tun may ride. The Castle, famous in the Saxon Times, having the Honour of an Earldom entailed upon the Possessors of it, is seated on the E. of the Tame River, and reputed a Mile in Compass.

From London to Bath 108 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Brentford 10, to Hounsloe 2, to Colbrook 6, to Maidenhead 8, to Twiford 7, to Reading 6, to Theal 4, to Woolhampton 5, to Thatcham 3, to Newberry 3, to Chilton 9, to Ramesbury 2, to Marlborough 6, to Caln 12, to Chippenham 5, to Bath 14, a City in Somersetshire, noted for its Medicinal Waters, and hot Baths.

From London to Berwick 339 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Waltham 12, to Ware 9, to Royston 16, to Huntington 19, to Stilton 12, to Stamford 13, to Grantham 21, to Newark 14, to Tuxford 12, to Doncaster 24, to Wentbridge 10, to Tadcaster 17, to York 9, to Topcliff 23, to Norlhallerton? 13, to Darlington 14, to Durham 19, to Newcastle 14, to Morpeth 14, to Alnwick 19, to Belford 13, to Berwick 15, a Town in Northumberland, but 'tis not so eminent for Antiquity, as for being a Place of great Strength, having the Sea on the E. and S.E. and the River Tweed on the S.W. encompassed with a Wall, and fortified with a strong Castle; 'tis large, populous, and well built, on the N. side of the River Tweed, towards Scotland.

From London to Boston 114 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Stilton (as you may see in the Berwick Road from London) 69, to Peterborough 7, to Widrington 3, to Crowland 7, to Spalding 10, to Setherton 10, to Bolton 6, a Corporation Town in Lincolnshire, commodiously seated on both sides Witham River, near its Influx into the Sea, and on that account drives a considerable Trade. 'Tis large, neat, and well inhabited, having a stately Market Place and Church, whose Tower is of a great Height, and serves as a Landmark to Sailors.

From London to Bristol 115 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Chippenham (as in the Road from London to Bath) 93, to Marshfield 9, to Bristol 12, a City and Bishoprick on Avon River, (where it receives the Froom) over which it has a stately Bridge. It contains 18 Parish Churches, besides the Cathedral, founded by Robert Fitz Harding, Son to a Danish King, dedicated to St. Austin. It was made an Episcopal See by King Henry the Eighth, and had a Castle in the N.E. part of it, demolished in the late Wars, and since built into fair Streets. 'Tis encompassed with a Wall, and 6 Gates; its principal Key is upon the Froom, (whither Ships of 150 Tun arrive) extending from Froom Bridge to the Marsh; the other called the Back, upon the W. side of the Avon, begins at the great Bridge, alias Bristol Bridge, and extends likewise to the Marsh, the greater Vessels riding in Hung Road, about 3 Miles below.

From London to Buckingham 60 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Acton 8, to Uxbridge 10, to Amersham 11, to Wendover 9, to Ailesbury 5, to East Claydon 9, to Buckingham 6, the Shire Town of the County of Buckingham, containing about 300 Houses, by the Owse River, over which it has a Stone Bridge of 6 Arches.

From London to Chichester 63 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Guildford (as in the Road from London to Portsmouth) 30, to Godalmin 4, to Chidingfold 6, to Midhurst 10, to Chichester 11, a City and Bishoprick in Sussex.

From London to Derby 122 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Stony Stratford (as in the Road from London to Holyhead) 53, to Kings Grafton 4, to Northampton 8, to Bricksworth 7, to Haverborough 10, to Great Glenn 8, to Leicester 5, to Mountsorrel 5, to Loughborough 3, to Kegworth 5, to Derby 10, a large and well built Borough Town in Darbyshire, containing 5 Parish Churches, situated on the Derwent River, and drives a considerable Trade.

From London to Dover 71 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Deptford 5, to Crayford 8, to Dartford 2, to Northfleet 5, to Chalkstreet 3, to Rochester 5, to Sittingbourn 11, to Bocton Street 2, to Canterbury 5, to Dover 15, a Place in Kent, well fortified both by Art and Nature, and defended by a large and strong Castle. It enjoys large Immunities; is one of the Cinque Ports; and yields a Prospect to Calais in France, to which it is the readiest Passage, the Channel here being but 7 Leagues over.

From London to Edmundsbury 75 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Newmarket 60, to Kenford 4, to St. Edmundsbury 9, a large well built Town in Suffolk, so call'd from King Edmund the Martyr; and was formerly famous for its Abby, which exceeded all others in England, having 3 less Churches in its Churchyard, of which two remain fair and spacious, but are too few for the numerous Inhabitants.

From London to Flamborough 212 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Stilton (as in the Road from London to Berwick) 69, to Peterborough 7, to Market Deeping 10, to Bourn 6, to Morton 2, to Sleaford 14, to Lincoln 18, to Redbourn 19, to Glamford Bridges 5, to Barton 10, to Hull 6, to Beverly 9, to Beleck 7, to Kilman 12, to Burlington 7, to Flamborough 5, a Village in Yorkshire, which at the distance of 2 Miles farther leads, by a Light House, to Flamborough Head, a Place well known by Seamen.

From London to Gigglewick 261 Miles, thus reckoned.
To York (as in the Road from London to Berwick) 192, to Allerton 13, to Knaresburg 4, to Ripley 5, to Boulton 15, to Skipton 6, to Coniston 7, to Settle 8, to Gigglewick 8, a Village in Lancashire, formerly noted for several small Springs, ebbing and flowing almost every quarter of an Hour.

From London to Harwich 71 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Rumford 11, to Burntwood 6, to Chelmsford 10, to Witham 8, to Keldon 3, to Colchester 9, to Manningtree 9, to Harwich 11, a small Town in Essex, but compact and well inhabited; it is a well fortified Garrison and Seaport, with a commodious Harbour, sometime the Station of the Royal Navy, whence it is the readiest Passage for the Pacquet Boats to the Brill in Holland.

From London to Holyhead 269 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Barnet 11, to St. Albans 9, to Dunstable 12, to Brickhill 9, to Stony Stratford 9, to Tocester 7, to Daventry 12, to Dunchurch 8, to Coventry 11, to Colehill 11, to Lichfield 15, to Rugely 7, to Haywood 4, to Stone 10, to Stableford Bridge 6, to Ware 6, to Namptwich 8, to Torperly 10, to Chester 9, to Harding 7, to Northop 5, to Denbigh 14, to Aberconway 20, to Beaumaris 12, to Boddedar 19, to Holyhead 8, a Town in Anglesey in North Wales, consisting chiefly of Houses for Entertainment of such Persons as are bound for Ireland, or lately arrived thence; 'tis seated directly opposite to Dublin, being the shortest and safest Passage over St. George's Channel.

From London to Ingerstone 20 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Rumford 11, to Burntwood 6, to Ingerstone 3, a large Village in Essex.

From London to Kingston 12 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Vauxhall 2, to Wandsworth 4, to Kingston 6, a Town in Surry, called also Kingston upon Thames, and Regioriunum, as having been the Seat of the Saxon Kings, of whom 3 were here crown'd, and before known by the Name of Moreford.

From London to the Landsend 300 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Brentford 10, to Stones 8, to Bagshot 10, to Hartley Row 9, to Basingstoke 10, to Andover 10, to Salisbury 17, to Shaftesbury 19, to Sherbourn 15, to Crookhorn 14, to Axminster 13, to Honiton 9, to Rockbew 10, to Exeter 6, to Chudleigh 10, to Ashburton 8, to Brent 7, to Plympton 13, to Plymouth 4, to Lowe 16, to Foy 8, to Trewardreth 3, to Tregony 12, to Phily 6, to Marketjew 4, to Penzance 3, to St. Burien 6, to Senan 4, a Village on the utmost Promontory or Cape, call'd the Landsend in Cornwal, washed with the West Sea.

From London to Lynn 98 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Enfield Wash 10, to Hoddesdon 7, to Ware 4, to Puckeridge 6, to Barkway 8, to Fowlmere 7, to Cambridge 9, to Stretham 12, to Ely 4, to Littleport 5, to Soutbery 6, to Downham 6, to Seeching 7, to Lynn 5, an antient, large and well built Town in Norfolk, containing 3 Parish Churches; encompassed with a Wall and deep Trench; and otherwise called Lyn Regis, also Bishops Lyn, and Llyn by the Welsh, signifying a Lake, seated near the Mouth of Owse River.

From London to Montgomery 158 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Campden 87, to Evesham 7, to Worcester 10, to the Hundred house 9, to Tenbury 10, to Ludlow 7, to Bishops Castle 14, to Montgomery 8, the Shire Town of the County of Montgomery in North Wales.

From London to Newhaven 56 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Streham 6, to Croyden 4, to East Grinsted 19, to Lewes 20, to Newhaven 6, a small Town in Sussex, inhabited chiefly by Maritim People, having a Key on the E. side of it, where Ships may ride secure in foul Weather; it is situated at the Mouth of Owse River, but the Name of the River is now obsolete.

From London to Norwich 108 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Puckeridge 27, to Barkway 8, to Whittleford Bridge 10, to Newmarket 14, to Berton Mills 8, to Thetford 10, to Larlingford 8, to Attleborough 6, to Windham 6, to Norwich 9, a City and Bishoprick in the County of Norfolk, encompassed with a Wall, giving Entrance by 12 Gates, and contains 32 Parish Churches besides the Cathedral.

From London to Oakham 94 Miles, thus reckoned.
To St. Albans 21, to Luton 8, to Selsoe 9, to Bedford 8, to Chillington 9, to Wellingborough 9, to Kettering 7, to Rockingham 10, to Uppingston 4, to Oakham 6, the Shire Town of the County of Rutland, indifferently well built, in the Vale of Catmus, having a good Church, Free School, and Hospital.

From London to Portsmouth 73 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Wandsworth 6, to Kingston 6, to Cobham 7, to Guildford 10, to Godalmin 4, to Lippock 12, to Petersfield 8, to Harnden 5, to Portsey Bridge 6, to Postsmouth 4, a large well built Town in Hampshire, defended by 2 strong Castles, and other Works to secure the Haven; and into this well fortified Garrison and Seaport, which is the usual Station of the Royal Navy, you must enter over 4 Draw Bridges.

From London to Queenborough 44 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Rochester (as in the Road from London to Dover) 30, to Milton 5, to Kings Ferry 3, to Queenborough 5, a Town in the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, where is a Castle built by King Edward 3d, who so named it in Honour of his Queen.

From London to Rye 64 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Lewisham 6, to Bromley 3, to Farnborow 4, to Sevenoke 9, to Tunbridge 6, to Lambethurst 10, to Newenden 14, to Rye 10, a fair and well built Town, which is one of the Cinque Ports, with a commodious Haven, fortified and walled in the Time of King Edward 3d.

From London to Shrewsbury 157 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Meriden 98, to Birmingham 11, to Dudley 10, to Bridgnorth 6, to Wenlock 8, to Shrewsbury 13, a large Corporation, Market,and Shire Town in Shropshire; called Scrobesbirig by the Saxons, and Pengovern and Yonwithig by the Britons.

From London to Southhampton 78 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Bagshot 29, to Farnham 11, to Alton 9, to Alresford 9, to Twiford 8, to Southampton 9, a Town in Hantshire, having a Key, where Ships of a considerable Burthen may arrive, which makes it a Place of good Trade, 'Tis large, and well built, containing 6 Churches, fenc'd with a double Ditch and strong Walls, besides having 7 Gates, and several Watch Towers.

From London to Swanzy 202 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Brentford 10, to Hounslow 2, to Colebrook 6, to Maidenhead 8, to Henly 8, to Dorchester 13, to Abingdon 6, to Faringdon 13, to Lechlade 6, to Barnesley 5, to Glocester 18, to Michael Dean 11, to Coverd 5, to Monmouth 5, to Newchurch 12, to Carr's Ash 7, to Newport 10, to Cardiff 11, to St. Nicholas 6, to Cowbridge 6, to Corntwon 5, to Aberavon 13, to Burton Ferry 3, to Swanzey 5, a large and well built Town on Tawy River, near its Influx into the Sea, and therefore called Abertaw by the Welsh, driving the greatest Trade of any in the County of Glamorgan, especially for Coal, and hath a great Correspondence with Bristol.

From London to Truro 196 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Andover (as in the Road from London to the Landsend) 66, to Amesbury 14, to Shrawton 5, to Warminster 13, to Maiden Brackly 6, to Burton 9, to Weston Regis 10, to Ascot 7, to Bridgwater 9. to Hartrow House 13, to Dulverton 13, to Southmoulton 13, to Barnstable 10, to Torrington 11, to Hatherly 10, to Ivy 10, to Newport 8, to Hall Drunkard 9, to Camelford 5, to St. Endulion 8, to Padstow 6, to St. Columb 8, to St. Michael 7, to Truro 7, a large and well built Seaport on Foy River in Cornwal.

From London to Wells 120 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Marlborough (as in the Road from London to Bristol) 95, to Devizes 13, to Troubridge 9, to Philipsnorton 5, to Chilcompton 8, to Wells 7, a City, which, with Bath, is a Bishoprick, and hath a very stately Cathedral.

From London to Weymouth 132 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Basingstoke (as in the Road from London to the Landsend) 48, to Sutton 13, to Stockbridge 7, to Broughton 5, to Dounton 11, to Cranbourn 11, to Blandford 11, to Dorchester 16, to Weymouth 8, a Seaport Town in Dorsetshire, in which the Chapel stands on a Rock so steep, that 'tis ascended to by 60 steps.

From London to Yarmouth 122 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Colchester (as in the Road from London to Harwich) 50, to Stratford 7, to Ipswich 11, to Woodbridge 7, to Saxmundham 11, to Blyborough 10, to Beckles 10, to Hadsho 5, to Yarmouth 9, a large, strong and well built Seaport Town in Norfolk, enjoying several Privileges and Immunities; it has a great Fishing Trade, and yields a ready Passage to Holland.

From Lynn to Harwich 76 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Swafham 15, to Stanford 9, to Thetford 7, to Icksworth 9, to Stow Market 11, to Ipswich 12, to Harwich 12.

From Monmouth to Llanbeder 68 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Llandelo Crusseny 8, to Abergavenny 7, to Crecowel 5, to Brecknock 12, to Redbrue 8, to Llamindefoy 10, to Llanbeder 15, a small Town, otherwise called Llanbedor Pont Steffan, in Cardiganshire in South Wales; 'tis meanly built, consisting in about 50 Houses, yet affords one very good Inn.

From Nottingham to Grimsby 67 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Newark 17, to Lincoln 14, to Walton 6, to Market Raising 9, to Stanion 5, to Briggesly 7, to Grimsby 5, a Port town in Lincolnshire, near the Sea, where it formerly had a Castle, to secure its now almost choak'd up Harbour.

From Oxford to Bristol 68 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Fiefield 8, to Farringdon 9, to Hyworth 6, to Purton 8, to Malmesbury 10, to Lockington 7, to Pucklechurch 10, to Bristol 8.

From Oxford to Cambridge 80 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Burcester 13, to Buckingham 11, to Newport Parnel 13, to Bedford 13, to Gamlinghay 13, to Cambridge 15, a Corporation, Market and Shire Town, and an antient University.

From Prestain to Carmarthen 61 Miles, thus reckoned.
To New Radnor 5, to Bealth 10, to Ludlowvaugh 12, to Llanimodofry 7, to Abermarles 6, to Rue Radnor 8, to Carmarthen 12, the Shire Town of the County of Carmarthen, large and well built on Towy River, over which it has a large Stone Bridge and Key, where small Vessels do arrive to unload their Goods. 'Tis said to have given Birth to Merlin, the British Prophet or Soothsayer, said to be begot on his Mother by an Incubus; and was once fortified with a Wall, and strong Castle, now ruinous.

From Queenborough to Chelmsford 42 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Kings Ferry 5, to Milton 3, to Rochester 5, to Gravesend 8, to Billericay 14, to Chelmsford 8, a Town in Essex, where the Assizes are commonly held for that County.

From Rochester to London 29 Miles, thus reckoned.
Take the Reverse of the Road from London to Dover, where it mentions Rochester; and the like is to be observed of the Dimensuration of any other Place herein set down.

From Shrewsbury to Holywell 52 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Ellesmere 16, to Wrexham 13, to Mould 13, to Holywell in Flintshire 11.

From Tinmouth to Durham 22 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Sunderland 9, to Durham 13, a City and Bishoprick, seated on the River Ware, in the County of Durham.

From Uxbridge to Oxford 35 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Beaconsfield 8, to Wickham 5, to Teftworth 12, to Wheatly 5, to Oxford 5, a City, Bishoprick, and most famous University, in Oxfordshire.

From Whitby to Tinmouth 92 Miles, thus reckoned.
To Skelingdam 11, to Gisbrough 10, to Marton 6, to Norton 8, to Sedgfield 8, to Durham 11, to Sunderland 13, to Tinmouth 9, an indifferent large Town, of some Note in Northumberland, fortified with a Castle.

From York to Scarborough 43 Miles, thus reckoned.
To New Malton 19, to Rollington 5, to Sherborn 6, to Seamor 7, to Scarborough 4, a strong well built Town in Yorkshire, almost surrounded with the Sea : It was called Scearburgh by the Saxons, and drives a good Trade; being much resorted to, for its famous Spaw.

SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

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