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A - Street Index

SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Abchurch Lane, by St. Mary Abchurch near Lombard Street, L.
Acorn Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Adam a digging Yard, in Peter Street, W.
Adam and Eve Alley, in Whitechapel, L
Adam's Court, in Pig Street near Threadneedle Street, L.
Addle Hill, in Thames Street, L.
Addle Street, by Aldermanbury, L. In this street are built Brewers and Plaisterers Halls.
Ailesbury Street, by Clerkenwell Green, L.
Albemarl Street, in Pickadilly, L. It is built where once stood the House of the Earl of Clarendon heretofore Lord High Chanceller of England; and afterwards call'd Dunkirk House, upon his advising King Charles the second to sell that most important Town to Lewis the fourteenth, then King of France.
Aldermanbury, by St. Alphage's Church, by London Wall, L.
Aldermary Church Yard, in Bow Lane in Cheapside, L. so called from the Church of St. Mary there.
Aldersgate Street, without Aldersgate, L. Here is the Bishop of London's House, and opposite to it the House of Anthony Ashly Cooper, Earl of Shaftsbury, now converted into Tenements. And that part of this street which reaches from the East End of Long Lane to the Bars at the beginning of Gospel Street, was formerly call'd Pickaxe Street; but this Name is long since disused,
Aldgatechurch Row, by St. Botolph's Church without Aldgate, L.
Aldgate Street, within Aldgate, L.
Alehoof Street, near Lemon Street, in Whitechapel, L.
Allhallows Church Yard, in Gracechurch Street, L.
Allhallows Lane, in Thames Street, L.
Allen Street, by Orange Street near Red Lion Square, L.
Almshouse Yard, at Dormant hill, W.
Almshouse Yard, in the Little Ambrey, W.
Amen Corner, by Paternoster Row, L.
Anchor Street, by Spittle Fields, L.
Angel Alley, in Aldersgate Street, L.
Angel Alley, in Bishopsgate Street without, L.
Angel Alley, in Leadenhall Street, L.
Angel Alley, in Little Moorfields by Moorfields, L.
Angel Alley, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Angel Alley, in Shoe Lane, L.
Angel Alley, in Whitechapel, L.
Angel Court, against Colson's Court in Drury Lane, L.
Angel Court, against St. Sepulchres Church, L.
Angel Court, by the Kings Bench Prison, S.
Angel Court, in great King Street by St. James's Square, L.
Angel Court, in Long Ditch, W.
Angel Court, in Throgmorton Street, L.
Angel Court, in Windmill Street, L.
Angel Court, near Charing Cross, L.
Angel Street, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
Angel Street, near the Old Bargehouse Stairs, S.
Anniseedclear, in Old Street Road, L. At the end thereof is a Street, containing on one side a Building erected by the Weavers in 1670, for the Poor of their Company; and on the other side are Almshouses founded by Judge Fuller in 1629.
Archer Street, by Windmill Street, L
Arlington Street, in Pickadilly, L.
Arnold Court, in Barbican, L
Artichoak Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Artichoak Alley, in Shoreditch, L
Artichoak Court, in Whitecross Street, L
Artichoak Hill, in Ratcliff Highway, L. It is otherwise call'd Essex Street.
Artichoak Yard, at Newington Causeway, S.
Artillery Court, in Prince's Row in Chizel Street, L
Artillery Ground, in Tothill Fields, W. Near which, by Westminster Pound, are Hill's Almshouses; the Grey Coat Boys Hospital; the Green Coat Boys Hospital; and Mr. Green's Bluecoat Boys Hospital; who has also built not far from it, the finest Brewhouse in Europe.
Artillery Lane, in Bishopsgate Street without, L
Arundel Street, in the Strand, L. Here is a Plying place for Watermen.
Ashentree Court, in White Fryers, L.
Aspark, by Anchor Street, in Spittle Fields, L.
Ave Mary Lane, by Paternoster Row, L.
Austin Fryers, by Winchester Street, L.
Axe Alley, in Leadenhall Street, L. It is also called Cuckolds Alley.
Axe and Bottle Yard, on St. Margarets Hill, S.
Axe Yard, in Blackman Street, S.
Axe Yard, in King Street, W.
Ayres Street, at the end of Leather Lane, L.
Ayres Street, in Piccadilly, L.