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"B" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Bab's Meuse, in Jermyn Street, L.
Back Alley, by Cloth Fair, L.
Back Alley, by Saffronhill, L.
Back Alley, in Back Street in Old Street Square, L. Not far from hence is the Pest-house, so called from the Burying Ground thereto belonging, wherein those who died of the dreadful Pestilence in 1665, were buried: but now it is granted by the City of London to the French Refugees, who use it for an Hospital for the Relief of their sick.
Back Side of St. Clement, behind St. Clement's Church in the Strand, L. Noted for the Piece-Brokers.
Back Lane, beyond Rosemary Lane, L. It reaches from Cable Street to a place in the Fields, called King David's Fort.
Backside of St.Thomas Apostle, in Queen Street in Cheapside, L.
Back Street, by the Old Artillery Ground, in Horslydown, S.
Back Street, in Old Street Square, L. It is otherwise called Richmond Street.
Bag and Bottle Alley, in Whitecross Street, L.
Bailey's Alley, near Bull Inn Court in the Strand, L.
Baker's Alley, in King Street, W.
Baker's Row, in Whitechapel, L. Near it are two Schools, erected by Mr. Ralph Davenant, Rector of St. Mary Whitechapel, in 1680.
Baldwyn's Court, in Baldwyn's Garden, L.
Baldwyn's Garden, in Leather Lane, L.
Baldwyn's Square, in Baldwyn's Garden, L.
Baldwyn Street, in Old Street, L.
Bell Yard, in Beech Lane, L.
Bell Yard, in Golden Lane, L.
Banbury Court, in Long Acre, L.
Bandyleg Alley, by Fleetditch, L.
Bandyleg Walk, in Queen Street, S.
Bangor Court, in Shoe Lane, L.
Banister Alley, against St. Giles's Church in the Fields, L.
Bank End, at the East End of Bankside, S.
Bankside, on the Thames, S. where is a Prison for Debtors, call'd Clink.
Baptist Head Court, in Whitecross Street, L.
Barber's Yard, in Brown's lane in Spittle Fields, L.
Barbican, in Aldersgate Street, L.
Barnaby Street, S. a noted place for Hatters.
Barn's Hill, in Upper Shadwell, L.
Barret's Alley, in East Smithfield, L.
Barrow's Alley, in Silver Street by Mugwell Street, L.
Bartholomew Close, in Little Britain, L. It is situated by the Church of St. Bartholemew the Great, formerly a Priory, to which King Henry the second gave the Privilege of Bartholomew Fair for 14 Days; but within these few Years it is kept only three Days.
Bartholomew Court, in Throgmorton Street, L.
Bartholomew Lane, against the Royal Exchange, L. so called from the Church there of St. Bartholomew the little.
Barton Lane, in Tower Street, L.
Bartlet Buildings, against Hatton Garden in Holbourn, L.
Bartlet Court, in Bartlet Buildings, L.
Basinghall Alley, by London Wall, L.
Basinghall Street, L. In this Street are Coopers and Girdlers Halls.
Basing Lane, in Bow lane in Cheapside, L.
Bassishaw Court, by the Church of St. Michael Bassishaw, in Basinghall Street, L.
Batch's Walk, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Bate's Street, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Batesby Court, in King Street, W.
Beaufort Street, in the Strand, L.
Baynard's Castle Wharf, in Thames Street, L. It is where Baynard's Castle stood, which was built by a Gentleman named Baynard, who came over with William called (but erroneously) the Conqueror; but that Family being extinct, in a large Course of time, it fell to the Crown, and King Henry the Eight repaired it about the Year 1490. After that the Lady Jane Grey, beheaded on Towerhill, was proclaim'd, and Queen Mary the first was crowned there, July 6th, 1553.
Bear Alley, by Fleetditch, L. Near it is a Market-house for Meal.
Bear Alley, in Bride Lane, L.
Bear Alley, on Addlehill.
Bearbinder Lane, near Stocks Market, L.
Bear Court, in lower Moorfields, L.
Bear Key, in Thames Street, L. Where a Market is kept for all sorts of Corn, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Bear Street, in Castle Street, by Newport Market, L.
Bear Yard, by Clare Market, L.
Beauchamp Street, by Brooks Market, L.
Beaufort Street, in the Strand, L. It is built where Worcester House formerly stood.
Bedford Buildings, in Bedford Street by Bedford Row, L.
Bedford Bury, in Chandos Street, L.
Bedford Court, by Theobalds Court in Theobalds Row, L.
Bedford Court, in Bedford Street by Covent Garden, L.
Bedford Row, by Grays Inn, L.
Bedford Street, by Bedford Row, L.
Bedford Street, in Liquorpond Street, L.
Bedford Street, in the Strand; vide Halfmoon Street in the Strand.
Bedlam Court, in Old Bedlam, L. but more properly called Bethlehem Court.
Beech Lane, by Barbican, L.
Beehive Alley, on Snowhill, L.
Beer Lane, in Thames Street, L.
Bell Alley, in Austin Fryers, L.
Bell Alley, in Cannon Street by Budge Row, L.
Bell Alley, in Goswell Street, L.
Bell Alley, in Grub Street, L.
Bell Alley, in Old Fish Street. L.
Bell Alley, in Thieving lane, W.
Bell Alley, in Wapping, L.
Bell Alley, in Whitechapel, L.
Bell Court, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Bell Court, in lower Moorfields, L.
Bell Court, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
Bell Lane, by Whiterow in Spittle Fields, L.
Bellsavage Yard, on Ludgatehill, L.
Bell's Rents, in the Mint, S. The Mint is a Place against the Church of St. George the Martyr in Southwark, which broken Persons and insolvent Debtors (tho' against an Act of Parliament) do make an Asylum, to protect them from Arrests.
Bell Yard, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Bell Yard, in Fleet Street, L.
Bell Yard, in Gracechurch Street, L.
Bell Yard, in Great Carter lane, L.
Bell Yard, in King Street, W.
Bell Yard, on St. Margaret's hill, S.
Bell Wharf, by St. Olave Church in Tooley Street, S.
Belton Street, by Brownlow Street in Drury lane, L.
Bembridge Street, near St. Giles's Pound, L.
Benjamin Street, in Swallow Street, L.
Bennet Court, in White Street, S.
Bennet Court, near Marygold Alley in the Strand, L.
Bennet Street, in St. James Street, L.
Bennet Street, near Christ Church, S. This is a pretty Church, built of Brick, and was consecrated in the Year 1670.
Bennets Yard, in Masham Street, W.
Berkly Street, in Piccadilly, L.
Bernard's Inn, in middle Holbourn, L.
Berwick Alley, in East Smithfield, L.
Berwick Street, by Knaves Acre, L.
Bett's Rents, in Rosemary lane, L.
Bevers Marks, at the end of Camomile Street, L.
Big Street, in Hayhill Row, L.
Billingsgate, in Thames, Street, L. Where (tho' now a Wharf, Dock, or Key, for landing all sorts of Commodities, transported thither by Water) was formerly a Gate or Port, while the antient Walls stood on that side of the City, near the River; first built and named from Belinus, an ancient King of Britain, about 400 Years before the Incarnation of Christ.
Billiter Lane, in Leadenhall Street, L.
Billiter Square, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Birchin Lane, in Cornhill, L.
Bird and Hand Court, against Mercers Chapel in Cheapside, L.
Birdcage Alley, opposite to the King's Bench Prison, S.
Bird's Gardens, in the Mint, S.
Bishops Court, in Chancery lane, L.
Bishops Court, in Chick lane, L.
Bishops Court, in Coleman Street, L.
Bishops Court, in Old Street, L.
Bishopsgate Street, within the Gate, L.
Bishopsgate Street, without the Gate, L.
Bishopshead Court, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Bishopshead Court, in little Old Baily, L.
Bishops Rents, in Wapping, L.
Black and White Horse Court, in great Old Baily, L.
Blackbourn Court, in Purport lane, L.
Blackboy Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Blackboy Alley, in Blackman Street, S.
Blackboy Alley, in Chick lane, L.
Blackbull Yard, by Hatton Garden, L.
Black Eagle Street, in Spittle Fields, L. Here is an handsome Church, for the Use of the French Protestants.
Black Fryers, in Ludgate Street, L.
Blackhorse Court, in Fleet Street, L.
Blackjack Alley, in East Smithfield, L.
Blackjack Alley, in Old Street, L.
Blacklyon Yard, in Whitechapel, L.
Blackman Street, near St. George's Church, S.
Blackmoor Street, in Drury lane, L.
Black Raven Alley, in Leadenhall Street, L.
Black Raven Alley, in Thames Street, L.
Black Raven Court, in Golden lane, L.
Black Spread Eagle Yard, in Kent Street, S.
Black Swan Alley, in little Carter lane, L.
Black Swan Alley, near the Maze, S.
Blakes's Court, in Catherine Street in the Strand, L.
Bleinheim Street, in Oxford Street in Tyburn Road, L.
Block Alley, in Tunball Street, L.
Bloomsbury Market, L. of little or no Account.
Bloomsbury Square, near High Holbourn, L. On the Northside of it stands Southampton House.
Blossom Street, by Spittle Yard in Spittle Fields, L.
Blow Bladder Street, near Cheapside Conduit, L.
Blue Anchor Alley, in Broad Street, near Ratcliff Highway, L.
Blue Anchor Alley, in Bunhill lane by Upper Moorfields, L.
Blue Anchor Alley, in Whitecross Street, L.
Blueball Court, in Salisbury Court in Fleetstreet, L.
Blue Boar Alley, in White Street, S.
Blue Boar Court, in Field lane, L.
Blue Boarhead Yard, in King Street, W.
Blue Court, on Saffronhill, L.
Bluegate Street, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Blue Maid Alley, on St. Margaret's Hill, S. Not far from thence is the Marshalsea, which is the County Gaol for Surry.
Boarded Alley, against London Wall by Bedlam, L
Boarded Alley, in Baldwyn's Garden, L.
Boar Alley, in Grub Street, L.
Boarhead Alley, in White Street, S.
Boarhead Court, in the Borough, S.
Boarhead Yard, in Petticoat lane near Whitechapel Bars, L.
Bolt and Tun Yard, in Fleet Street, L.
Bolton Street, in Hayhill Row, L.
Bond's Stables, in Fetter lane, L.
Boot Alley, in Kent Street, S.
Booth Street, in Spittle Fields, L.
Borough, S. Here is a Market kept on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Boss Alley, against Billingsgate, L.
Boswell Court, in Cary Street by Lincolns Inn Fields, L.
Botolph Lane, near the Monument, L.
Bottle Alley, in Bishopsgate Street without, L.
Bow Church Yard, in Cheapside, L.
Bow Lane, in Cheapside, L. so called from the Church of St. Mary le Bow, adjacent to it.
Bowl Court, in Fleet Street, L.
Bowl Court, in Shoreditch, L.
Bowling Alley, in Tufton Street, W.
Bowling Alley, in Tunball Street, L.
Bowling Alley, in Whitecross Street, L.
Bowl Yard, near Middle Row in St. Giles's Street, L.
Bowman Court, in Gardine's lane in Kingstreet, W.
Bow Street, at the West End of High Holbourn, L.
Bow Street, by Covent Garden, L.
Bow Street, in Kingstreet, W. Vulgarly called Thieving Lane.
Boxen Court, in Robinhood's Court in Shoe lane, L.
Brackly Street, by Bridgewater Garden, L.
Brand Yard, in the great Minories, L.
Breadstreet Alley, on Breadstreet Hill, L.
Breadstreet Hill, in Thames Street, L.
Bread Street, in Cheapside, L. so called from the Bakers formerly keeping there a Market for Bread.
Bream's Building's, in Chancery lane, L.
Brewers Street, against Execution-dock at Wapping, L.
Brewers Street, against the Almshouses in St. Giles's, L.
Brewers Street, by John Street near Golden Square, L.
Brewers Street, near Bow Street in High Holbourn, L.
Brewers Yard, in Chick lane, L.
Brewers Yard, in King Street, W.
Brewers Yard, in Shoe lane, L.
Brewers Yard, in the Strand, L.
Brewhouse Yard, by Saffronhill, L.
Brick Court, in College Street, W.
Brick Court, in Sheer lane by Templebar, L.
Brick Court, in the Inner Temple, L.
Brick Lane, in Old Street, L.
Brick Lane, in Whitechapel, L.
Bride Court, by Bride lane, L.
Bride Lane, in Fleetstreet, L. Noted for Hatmakers; and is situated at the East End of St. Bride's Church, otherwise called the Church of St. Bridget.
Bridewell Alley, in Long lane, S. so called from a Prison, or House of Correction, there built, for Vagrants, and idle Persons.
Bridewell Precinct, by Fleetditch, L.
Bridgefoot, S. It reaches over two Arches without the Bridgehouse on London Bridge.
Bridgehouse Gate Yard, in Tooley Street, S.
Bridges Street, by Catherine Street in the Strand, L. Here is the Theatre Royal, where both Tragedies and Comedies are acted.
Bridgewater Garden, L.
Bridgewater Square, by Barbican, L.
Britington Court, in Coleman Street, L.
Broad Alley, in Grub Street, L.
Broad Bridge, by Upper Shadwell, L.
Broad Court, in Shoemaker's Row by Aldgate, L.
Broad Sanctuary, against Westminster Abby, W.
Broad Street, by Cambridge Street, L.
Broad Street, by Ratcliff Cross, L.
Broad Street, near Threadneedle Street, L. Here is the Pay office, for the Seamen serving on Board the Royal Navy.
Broadway, by Great Tothill Street, W. Here was kept formerly an Hay-Market, but is now discontinued; and near this place, are the White Horse and Black Horse Inns, for the Entertainment of Man and Horse; there being none in the Parish of St. Margaret at Westminster, for Stage Coaches, Waggons, or Carriers.
Broad Yard, in Blackman Street, S.
Broken Cross, by Tothill Street, W. Where is, at present, an House, possess'd by a Baker, which is more ancient than any House beside, in Westminster, London, or Southwark; or perhaps in any place in England.
Broken Wharf, against St. Mary Somerset's Church in Thames Street, L.
Bromly Street, in High Holbourn, L.
Brook Court, by Strand lane, L.
Brooks Court, in the Great Minories, L.
Brooks Market, by Brook Street, L. Where a Market is kept on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Brook Street, at the End of Cutthroat lane in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Brook Street, in Middle Holbourn, L.
Brook Street, in New Bond Street, L.
Brooks-Wharf, against Bread Street hill in Thames Street, L.
Brownlow Street, in Drury lane, L. built where a House formerly stood belonging to the Duke of Lenox.
Browns Court, in Bricklane at Whitechapel, L.
Browns Gardens, in Monmouth Street, L.
Buckeridge Street, in Dyet Street, L.
Buckingham Court, near Charing Cross, L. Near it is the Admiralty Office, built where Wallingford House formerly stood.
Buckingham Street, in York Buildings, L.
Bucklersbury, by Cheapside, L.
Buckle Street, by Red Lion Street in Whitechapel, L.
Buckshead Court, in Great Distaff lane, L.
Budge Row, by St. Antholin's Church near Cannon Street, L.
Bull and Mouth Street, just within Aldersgate, L. Here is a Quaker Meetinghouse.
Bull Alley, in Nicholas lane, L.
Bullhead Court, in Jewin Street, L.
Bullhead Court, in Newgate Street, L.
Bull Inn Court, in the Strand, L. so called from being built where the Bull Inn formerly stood; which some Years since fell down, and kill'd 5 or 6 People in their Beds, besides hurting some others.
Bull Lane Wharf, near Queenhyth in Thames Street, L.
Bullen Rents, in Shoe lane, L.
Bulliford Court, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Bull Yard, in Goswell Street, L.
Bull yard, in St. John Street, L.
Bunhill Lane, in Chizzel Street by upper Moorfields, L. By it, on the East side is Tindal's Buriel Ground, for the Interment of Dissenters.
Bunhill Row, by Bunhill lane, L.
Burleigh Court, in Burleigh Street in the Strand, L.
Burleigh Street, at the West End of Exeter Exchange in the Strand, L. so call'd from one of the Earl of Exeter's honorary Titles.
Burlington Street, in Swallow Street, L.
Burr Street, in East Smithfield, L.
Bury Court, in Love lane, by Aldermanbury, L.
Bury Street, near Camomile Street by Bishopsgate, L.
Bury Street, near St. James's Street, L.
Bushel Court, in Lothbury, L.
Bush Lane, in Cannon Street, L. Here is Merchant-Taylors School.
Butcher Row, at the end of Brook Street by Ratcliff Highway, L. Butcher Row, by St. Catharine near the Tower, L.
Butcher Row, by the Backside of St. Clement, L.
Butchers Alley, in St. John Street, L.
Butchers Alley, at Windmill hill, L.
Butchers Alley, in little Moorfields by Moorfields, L.