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"F" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Fair Street, in Horslydown, S.
Falcon Court, in Codpiece Row, by Hockly i' th' Hole, L.
Falcon Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Falcon Court, in Long lane, S.
Falcon Court, in Shoe lane, L.
Falcon Court, opposite to the King's Bench Prison, S.
Falconers Alley, in Tunball Street, L.
Falcon Yard, in Tooly Street, S.
Fan Alley, in Goswell Street, L.
Fan Court, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Farmers Street, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Farthing Alley, near the Maze Pond, S.
Farthing Street, in Spittlefields, L.
Fashion Street, in Spittlefields, L.
Feathers Court, against Craven House in Great Drury lane, L.
Feathers Court, at Cowcross, L.
Feathers Court, in High Holbourn, L.
Fell Court, in Fell Street by Mugwell Street, L.
Fell Street, in Mugwell Street, L.
Fenchurch Street, L. Near Northumberland House, here is the Church of St. Catharine Coleman.
Fetter Lane, in Fleetstreet, L.
Field Lane, at Holbourn Hill, L.
Figtree Court, in Barbican, L.
Figtree Court, in the Inner Temple, L.
Finch Lane, by Threadneedle Street, L.
Fishers Alley, in Water lane, L.
Fishers Street, by Red Lion Square, L.
Fishmarket Court, in Bloomsbury Market, L.
Fishmongers Alley, in Redcross Street, S.
Fish Yard, in St. Margarets lane, W.
Fitakers Yard, in little Drury lane, L.
Fitch Court, in Noble Street, near Foster lane, L.
Fivebell Alley, in little Moorfield, L.
Fivefoot Lane, in Barnaby Street, L.
Five Inkhorn Court, in Whitechapel, L.
Fleet Diech, in Fleetstreet, L. It extends from the River of Thames to Holbourn Bridge, and hath over it three other Bridges; namely, Fleetstreet Bridge, Bridewell Bridge, and Fleetlane Bridge, and is now very commodious for importing Coals, and other Necessaries, into the City; consisting of many large Cellars for that Purpose. The Bridewell by it is for the Correction of Vagabonds and Harlots.
Fleet Lane, near the Fleet prison, L. This is a Gaol for Debtors, who have the Liberty of Rules; and belongs to the High Court of Chancery and Common Pleas.
Fleetstreet, in Spittlefields, L.
Fleetstreet, within Templebar L.
Flowerdeluce Alley, in Wheeler Street in Spittlefields, L.
Flowerdeluce Court, by Fetter lane in Fleetstreet, L.
Flowerdeluce Court, in Hughs Alley in Blackfryers, L.
Flowerdeluce Court, in Shoemakers Row in Blackfryers, L.
Flowerdeluce Court, in Tooly Street, S.
Flowerdeluce Court, in Tunball Street, L.
Flowerdeluce Yard, in Tunball Street, L.
Flyinghorse Court, in Grub Street, L.
Fore Old Jewry, by Aldgate, L.
Foreside of St. Thomas Apostle, by Queenstreet in Cheapside, L.
Fore Street, at Limehouse, L.
Fore Street, by Moorfields, L.
Fore Street, by Spittlefields, L.
Forster's Buildings, in Whitecross Street, L.
Forster Lane, in Cheapside, L. Here are many Silversmiths.
Fountain Court, by Aldermanbury, L.
Fountain Court, by Bread Street in Cheapside, L.
Fountain Court, in Lothbury, L.
Fountain Court, in the Strand, L.
Fourcrown Court, in Rosemary lane, L.
Fourstable Alley, in Clement's lane, by Clement's Inn, L.
Fowl Lane, in the Borough, S.
Fox Court, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Fox's Lane, at the East end of St. Paul's in Upper Shadwell, L.
Fox's Ordinary, in Nicholas lane, L.
Francis Court, in St. John's lane, L.
Freeman's Court, in Cornhill, L.
Freeman's Lane, in Horslydown, S.
Freeschool Street, in Horslydown, S.
French Alley, in Artillery lane in Bishopsgate Street without, L.
French Alley, in Goswell Street, L.
French Court, by the Bars in Bishopsgatestreet, L.
French Ordinary Court, in Crutchedfryers, L.
Friday Street, in Cheapside, L.
Froggets Alley, in Thieving lane, W.
Fryers Street, in Shoemakers Row, in Blackfryers, L.
Fryingpan Alley, in the Borough, S.
Fryingpan Alley, in Tooly Street, S. Opposite to it is a Plying place for Watermen called Tooly's Stairs.
Fryingpan Alley, in Tothill Street, W.
Fryingpan Alley, in Tunball Street, L.
Fryingpan Alley, in Wood Street, L.
Fullers Rents, Near Grays Inn in High Holbourn, L.
Furnival's Inn Court, by Furnival's Inn in Mid Holbourn, L.
Furnival's Inn, in Middle Holborn, L.
Furriers Alley, in Shoe lane, L.
Fyford Lane, by the Church of St. Mary Somerset in Thames Street, L.