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"H" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Haberdashers Square, in Grub Street, L.
Halfmoon Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Halfmoon Alley, in Foster lane, L.
Halfmoon Alley, in little Moorfield, by Moorfields, L.
Halfmoon Alley, in Purpool lane, L.
Halfmoon Court, without Ludgate, L.
Halfmoon Street, in Petty France in Lower Moorfield, L.
Halfmoon Street, in the Strand, L. so called from the Halfmoon Tavern at the Corner of it; but its right Name is Bedford Street.
Halfpav'd Court, in Salisbury Court in Fleetstreet, L.
Halfpenny Alley, by London Street, S.
Hand Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Hand Alley, opposite almost to Great Turnstile, L.
Hand and Crown Alley, at Cowcross, L.
Hand and Pen Alley, on Great Towerhill, L.
Handcock's Yard, in Water lane, L.
Hand Court, near Dowgate Wharf, in Thames Street, L.
Hanging Sword Alley, in Water lane, L.
Hanging Sword Alley, on Ludgatehill, L.
Hanging Sword Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Hanover Court, in Butler's Alley in Grub Street, L.
Hanover Court, in Houndsditch, L.
Hanover Square, L.
Hanover Street, by Hanover Square, L.
Hanover Street, in Long Acre, L.
Hanover Yard, by St. Giles's Pound, L.
Hare Court, in Hare Street, in Brick lane, L.
Hare Street, in Brick lane in Whitechapel, L.
Harp Alley, in Shoe lane, L. A noted Place for Brokers, selling and buying old Household Goods.
Harp Court, in Black Horse Court in Fleetstreet, L.
Harp Lane, in Thames Street, L.
Harris's Alley, in Brook Street near Ratcliff Highway, L.
Harrow Alley, at Whitechapel, L.
Harrow Alley, in Old Street, L.
Harrow Court, by Fleet lane, L.
Hart Alley, in Grub Street, L.
Hartshorn Lane, in the Strand, L.
Hart Street, by James's Street near Covent Garden, L.
Hart Street, by the New Church near Bloomsbury, L.
Hart Street, in Crutched Fryers, L.
Hart Street, just within Cripplegate, L. The North side of this Street contains, for the most part, Almshouses.
Hasting Rents, by Saffronhill, L.
Hat and Tun Yard, in little Kirby Street, L.
Hatfield Street, in Goswell Street, L.
Hatton Court, in Threadneedle Street, L.
Hatton Garden, in Holbourn, L. It was built out of the Lord Hatton's House; and also a Chapel on the East side of it; but never consecrated.
Hatton Wall, by Hatton Garden, L.
Haydon Yard Court, in the little Minories, L.
Haydon Yard, in the Great Minories, L.
Hayhill Row, near Hyde Park, L.
Hay Market, in Piccadilly, L. Here is a fine Theatre where Opera's are acted.
Hayns's Court, in Swallow Street, L.
Hays's Court, by Newport Market, L.
Heart Row Street, just without Newgate, L. So called because it represents the Shape of an human Heart.
Hedge Lane, near Charing Cross, L.
Helmet Court, against London Wall, by Bishopsgate, L.
Helmet Court, against London Wall, by Coleman Street, L.
Helmet Court, in Thames Street, L.
Helmet Row, in Old Street, L. It is a pretty Pile of House, built Anno 1719.
Hemlock Court, by Ship Yard in the Strand, L.
Hemming's Row, against St. Martin's private Churchyard, in St. Martin's lane in the Strand, L.
Hen and Chickens Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Henneage Lane, by the Jews new Synagogue, L. It is otherwise called, Lousie Lane.
Henrietta Street, by Covent Garden, L.
Henry Street, by Old Street Square, L.
Hercules Pillars Alley, in Fleetstreet, L.
Hermitage, at Wapping, L.
Hewits Court, near Church Court in the Strand, L.
Hickman's Folly, in Mill Street, S.
High Holbourn, L. It extends from Holbourn Bars to St. Giles's Street, L.
High Street, vid. St. Giles's Street.
High Street, near King Edward's Row, by Whitechapel, L.
Hind Court, in Fleetstreet, L
Hitchers Yard, in Petty France, W.
Hockly i' th' Hole, near Hatton Wall, L. Noted for Bull and Bear-baiting, and Gladiators fighting Prizes there.
Hockenhall's Court, in Black Eagle Street in Spittlefields.
Hockster's Alley, in Tyburn Road, L.
Hog Lane, in Shoreditch, L.
Hog Lane, near Denmark Street, L. It is also called Ground Street.
Hog Yard, by Tothill Fields,W. In this Yard are Almshouses, founded by Dame Dacres, a Lady of Honour to Queen Elizabeth; and in the above said Fields, is a Bridewell for the Correction of sturdy Rogues and Strumpets.
Hog Yard, in Blackman Street, S.
Hole in the Wall Yard, near Bloomsbury Market, L.
Holbourn Hill, L. It extends from Snowhill to Hatton Garden; and on the North side of it is an House belonging to the Bishops of Ely, almost opposite to St. Andrew's Church.
Holfords Alley, in Drury lane, L.
Holland Street, in Blackfryers, L.
Holland Street, in Wardour Street, L.
Hollis Street, by Clare Market, L.
Holloway Court, in Nevil's Court, in Rosemary lane, L.
Holloway Lane, in Shoreditch, L.
Hollybush Court, on the Backside of St. Clement's, L.
Holman Alley, in Bunhill Row, L.
Holywell Street, by St. Leonards Church in Shoreditch, L.
Holywell Street, by the Backside of St. Clement's in the Strand, L.
Honey Lane, in Cheapside, L.
Honey Lane Market, in Honey lane, L. A Market is kept here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Honeysuckle Court, in Grub Street, L.
Hooker's Court, in Nicholas lane, L.
Hoop Alley, in Old Street, L.
Hoopers Square, by Rupert Street near Whitechapel, L.
Hopton Street, near Berwick Street, L.
Horn Alley, in Aldersgatestreet, L.
Horn Court, in Peter Street near Tothill Fields, L.
Horns Yard, in Kent Street, S.
Horseshoe Alley, at Whitechapel, L.
Horseshoe Alley, in Bunhill Field by upper Moorfield, L.
Horseshoe Alley, in Cock lane by West Smithfield, L.
Horseshoe Alley, in Gardiners lane in Kingstreet, W.
Horshoe[sic] Alley, in middle Moorfield, L.
Horseshoe Alley, in Petty France, W.
Horseshoe Alley, on the Bankside, S.
Horseshoe Court, in Clements lane by Clements Inn, L.
Horseshoe Court, in Old Street, L.
Horslydown Backstreet, S.
Horslydown, by Tooly Street, S.
Horslydown Forestreet, S.
Horslydown Lane, S.
Hosier Lane, in West Smithfield, L.
Houghton Street, by Clare Market, L.
Houndsditch, without Bishopsgate, L.
Howard Street, in Norfolk Street in the Strand, L.
Howfords Court, in Nicholas lane, L.
Hoxton Market Place, near Oldstreet Road, L. But no Market (tho' it is called so) is kept here at present.
Hudsons Court, on Great Towerhill, L.
Hugging Lane, by the Church of St. Michael Queenhith in Thames Street, L.
Hughs's Alley, in Blackfryers, L.
Hungerford Market, in the Strand, L. The Market is kept here on Wednesdays and Saturdays; and here is a Plying place for Watermen. 'Tis built where formerly stood an House belonging to a Knight of that Name.
Hunt's Court, in Castle Street near Newport Market, L.
Hyde Street, near Bow Street by Broad St. Giles's, L.