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"I-J" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Jack Adams's Alley, by Saffronhill, L.
Jackson's Alley, in little Russel Street, in Drury lane, L.
Jackson's Court, by Ireland Yard in Blackfryers, L.
Jacob's Alley, in Goswell Street, L.
Jacob's Street, in Mill Street, S.
James Street, by Golden Square, L.
James Street, by Petty France, W. At the end thereof the Viscount Stafford, who was beheaded on Towerhill, in the Reign of King Charles the Second, had an House, now not much minded by the Family; and John Sheffield, late Duke of Buckingham, another, fronting also St. James's Park.
James Street, in Covent Garden, L.
James Street, in the Hay Market, L.
James Street, in Pitfield Street, by Hoxton Market Place, L.
Idle Lane, in Great Tower Street, L.
Jermyn, Street, near St. James's Market, L.
Jerusalem Alley, near the Monument, L.
Jerusalem Court, in St. John's Square by St. John's lane, L.
Jewen Street, in Aldersgate Street, L.
Ingram Court, in Fenchurch Street, L.
John's Hill, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Johnson's Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
John Street, by Golden Square, L.
John Street, in Long Ditch, W.
Joyners Street, in Tooly Street, S.
Ireland Yard, by Fryers Street in Blackfryers, L.
Irish Alley, at Whitechapel, L.
Ironmonger Lane, in Cheapside, L.
Ironmonger Row, in Old Street, L. A pretty Pile of Houses, built Anno 1719.
Ivy Lane, in Paternoster Row.