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"K" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Keeland Row, at the end of Shoreditch, L. This is also called, Cuckolds Row.
Kent Street, S. At the end of it is a Bridge, which divides the County of Kent from the County of Surry. On one side thereof, towards Southwark, is a Chapel with Almshouses, built by Martin Bond, Esq; which are now called the Lock, and is a sort of Hospital converted to the Use of Persons infected with the French Pox.
Killigrew Court, in Scotland Yard at Whitechapel, L
King David's Lane, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
King Edward's Row, near Whitechapel, L.
King Edward's Street, at Wapping, L.
King Edward's Street, by Fleetditch, L
King John's Court, in Barnaby Street, S. It is seated near the Church of St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey; and by the Stone Walls and Gateways still remaining there, it seems to be a Place of great Antiquity.
King John's Court, in Holloway lane, in Shoreditch, L. It is an old Piece of Building, but does not shew so much Antiquity as to be built in his Reign.
King's Arms Court, on Ludgate Hill, L.
King's Arms Yard, in Coleman Street, L.
King's Arms Yard, in Shoreditch, L.
King's Bench Alley, near St. George's Church, S. 'Tis so called from the King's Bench Prison by it, where are Criminals as well as Debtors; who, for Money, may have Privilege of the Marshal to walk out in the Rules thereabouts.
King's Court, in Russel Street in Drury lane, L.
King's Gate Street, in High Holbourn, L. So called from a Fivebar Gate fix'd there when a Field, thro' which our Kings were wont to pass, when they went to Newmarket.
King's Head Alley, in the Maze, S.
King's Head Court, against Vinegar Yard in Drury lane, L.
King's Head Court, in Beech lane, L.
King's Head Court, in Golden lane, L.
King's Head Court, in Gutter lane in Cheapside, L.
King's Head Court, in little Carter lane, L.
King's Head Court, in Middle Holbourn, L.
King's Head Court, in Show lane, L.
King's Head Court, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
King's Head Court, in Whitecross Street, L.
King's Head Court, in Woodstreet, L.
King's Head Yard, in Shoreditch, L.
King's Head Yard, in Tooly Street, L.
King's Square, by Greek Street, L. It is otherwise called Soho Square, where the Duke of Monmouth was building a fine House, before he was beheaded, but never finish'd it.
King Street, by Bloomsbury Square, L.
King Street, by Hays's Court near the Hay Market, L.
King Street, by Old Street Square, in Old Street, L.
King Street, by St. James's Square, L.
King Street, in Cheapside, L.
King Street, in Covent Garden, L.
King Street, in Dean Street, by Soho Square, L.
King Street, in Princes Street, near St. Anne's Church in Soho, L.
King Street, in Spittlefields, L.
King Street, in the Mint, S.
King Street, in Upper Moorfield, L.
King Street, near Golden Square, L. Here the Duke of Argyle hath a pretty House.
King Street, near the Six Dials, L.
King Street, on Great Towerhill, L.
King Street, W. Here is the George Inn, where is good Entertainment for Man and Horse.
Knaves Acre, L.
Knight Rider Street, L.
Knight's Court, on the Backside of St. Clement's, by the Strand, L.