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"L" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Labour in vain Alley, on St. Margarets Hill, L.
Labour in vain Court, on Old Fishstreet Hill, L
Labour in vain Hill, L. The same as Old Fishstreet Hill.
Labour in vain Street, at lower Shadwell, L.
Ladies Alley, in Kingstreet, W.
Lad Lane, against St. Michael's Church in Wood Street, L.
Lamb Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Lamb Alley, in Mugwell Street, L. Here is a Chapel, called Lamb's Chapel.
Lamb Court, by Clerkenwell, L.
Lambeth Hill, in Thames Street, L.
Lamb's Conduit Passage, by Red Lion Square, L.
Lamb Street, by Spittlefields, L.
Lancaster Court, in New Bond Street, L.
Lancaster Court, near St. Martin's lane in the Strand, L.
Langley Street, in Long Acre, L.
Lan's Court, in Orange Street, L.
Last Alley, at Cow Cross, L.
Laundry Court, in Masham Street, W.
Laurence Lane, by St. Giles's Pound, L.
Laurence Lane, in Cheapside, L.
Laurence Poultney Lane, in Cannon Street, L.
Leadenhall Market, in Leadenhall Street, L. Where the greatest and finest Market in Europe is kept (as one may say) every Day in the Week, except Sundays.
Leadenhall Street, L. Here are the Houses of the India and African Companies.
Leather Lane, in Middle Holbourn, L.
Lee's Rents, in Purpool lane, L.
Lee Street, by Red Lion Square, L.
Leg Alley, in Long Acre, L.
Leicester Fields, L. So called from the Earl of Leicester's House, where the Prince of Wales, at present, kept his Court, when in Town.
Leicester Street, by little Grays Inn lane, L.
Leicester Street, in Swallow Street, L.
Lemon Street, near Whitechapel, L.
Leyden Street, in Fox lane at Upper Shadwell, L.
Lichfield Street, near the Six Dials, L.
Lillypot Street, by Foster lane, L.
Limehouse Causeway, near Limehouse Hole, L.
Limehouse Corner, near Limehouse Hole, L.
Limehouse Hole, L.
Lincolns Inn Fields, by Lincolns Inn, L. The West side of it, where the Duke of Newcastle has a fine House, is called Arch Row; the South side of it, where the Earl of Cardigan has a pretty House, is called Portugal Row; and the North Side is called Holbourn Row.
Lincolns Inn, in Chancery lane, L. It is one of the four Inns of Court; and here the Stamp Office is kept.
Lincolns Inn Square, in Lincolns Inn, L. Otherwise call'd Serle's Court.
Liquor Pond Street, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Little Ambrey, near Deans Yard, W.
Little Bell Yard, in Coleman Street, L.
Little Bridges Street, in Great Bridges Street, L.
Little Britain, in Aldersgatestreet, L.
Little Carter Lane, by Great Carter lane, L.
Little Cary Street, by Lincolns Inn Fields, L.
Little Catherine Street, in great Catherine Street in the Strand, L.
Little Chapel Street, by New Chapel, W.
Little Distaff Lane, against Cordwainers Hall, L.
Little Drury Lane, against the New Church in the Strand, L. At the North end of it a May-pole lately stood, put up by a Farrier to commemorate his Daughter's good Fortune of arriving to the Dignity of Dutchess of Albemarle, by being married to General Monk when he was but a private Gentleman.
Little Eastcheap, against Great Eastcheap, L.
Little Friday Street, in Great Friday Street, L.
Little George Street, in Spittlefields, L.
Little Glocester Street, in Whitecross Street, L.
Little Grays Inn Lane, in Great Grays Inn lane, L.
Little Germyn Street, in St. James's Street, L.
Little Kingstreet, in St. James's Street, by St. James's Palace, L.
Little Kirby Street, in Hatton Garden, L.
Little Knight Rider Street, by Great Knight Rider Street, L.
Little Lamb Alley, in Blackman Street, S.
Little Love Lane, by St. Alban's Church in Woodstreet, L.
Little Marlborough Street, in Kingstreet by Golden Square, L.
Little Minories, in the Great Minories, L.
Little Moorfield, by Moorfields, L.
Little Newport Street, by Newport Street in St. Martin's lane, L.
Little New Street, near Fetter lane, L.
Little Old Baily, by Great Old Baily, L.
Little Ormond Street, by St. George's Chapel, L.
Little Queen Street, by Great Queen street in Cheapside, L.
Little Queen Street, opposite to Kingstreet in High Holbourn, L.
Little Rider Street, in St. James's Square, L.
Little Russel Street, in Drury lane, L.
Little Russel Street, near Montague House, L.
Little Sanctuary, in Kingstreet, W. Here is the ancient Three Tun Tavern, kept at present by Mr. Beech the Quaker.
Little Sheer Lane, against Lincolns Inn Square, L.
Little St. Andrew's street, by the Six Dials, L.
Little St. Anne's Lane, W.
Little St. Helen, within Bishopsgate, L.
Little St. Martin's Lane, at North end of Great St. Martin's Lane in the Strand, L.
Little Suffolk Street, near the Hay Market, L.
Little Swallow Street, in Great Swallow street, L.
Little Swan Alley, in Goswell street, L.
Little Tothill street, W. Here is a fine Brick Church on the West side of it, call'd New Chapel; having the pleasantest Church Yard all about London and Westminster.
Little Towerhill, L. Near which is the Victualling Office, for furnishing his Majesty's Navy with Provisions.
Little Tower street, by Great Tower street, L.
Little Trinity Lane, in Thames street, L.
Little Turnstile, in High Holbourn, L.
Little Winchester street, at London Wall, L.
Little Windmill street , by the Hay Market, L.
Lombard Court, near the Six Dials, L.
Lombard street, by Stocks Market, L. Noted for Bankers and Goldsmiths.
Lombard street, by Wellstreet near Whitechapel, L.
Lombard street, in the Mint, S.
Lombard street, in Whitefryers, L.
London Bridge, L. It contains 19 Arches of Stone, over the River of Thames, whereon are two Rows of Houses, furnished with most sorts of Commodities, a Draw-Bridge, and Bridge-Gate, on which Traytors Heads are sometimes placed upon Poles. It was 33 Years a building, and is not to be paraliz'd in the whole World.
Londonhouse Yard, in St. Paul's Church Yard, L.
London street, in Mill street, S.
London Wall, between Cripplegate and Moorgate, L.
London Wall, between Moorgate and Bishopsgate, L.
Long Acre, in Drury lane, L. Here is a fine Bagnio.
Long Alley, in Long lane in Shoreditch, L.
Long Cellar Yard, in East Smithfield, L.
Long Ditch, by Story's Gate at St. James's Park, W.
Long Lane, by White street, S.
Long Lane, in Shoreditch, L.
Long Lane, in West Smithfield, L. A Place noted for buying and selling old Cloaths.
Long Walk, by St. Bartholomew's Hospital, L.
Long Walk, in King John's Court, S.
Loom Alley, in Old Bedlam, L.
Lothbury, by Coleman Street, L.
Love Lane, by Aldermanbury, L.
Love Lane, in Thames Street, L.
Love Lane, near the Gatehouse, W.
Louse Hall, by Fan Alley in Goswell Street, L. But it is at that End of Fan Alley going towards Bridgewater Gardens.
Lousie Lane, vid. Henneage Row.
Lowen's Rents, in Petty France, W.
Lower Court, in the little Minories, L.
Lower Gun Alley, in Upper Gun Alley at Wapping, L.
Lower Moorfield, at Moorgate, L. Noted for Bedlam, or its fine Hospital for Lunaticks. </fo