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"M" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Maddox Street, by Hanover Square, L.
Magpye Alley, in Aldersgatestreet, L.
Magpye Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Magpye Alley, in Crutched Fryers, L.
Magpye Alley, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Magpye Alley, in Fetter lane, L.
Magpye Alley, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Aldersgatestreet, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Chizel Street by Upper Moorfield, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Church lane at Whitechapel, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Grub Street, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Halfmoon Alley in little Moorfield, L.
Maidenhead Court, in Wapping, L.
Maidenhead Street, in Dyot Street, L.
Maiden Lane, by College Hill, near Cheapside, L.
Maiden Lane, by Goldsmiths Hall, L.
Maiden Lane, by Shandos Street, L.
Maid lane, S.
Manchester Court, in Channel Row, W.
Mannors Street, by St. Giles's Pound, L.
Mansfield Street, by Prescod Street, L.
Margates Court, against St. James's Church in Piccadilly, L.
Market lane, near St. James's Market, L.
Market Street, by the Horse Ferry, W.
Mark lane, by Fenchurch Street, L. Its right Name is Mart lane, from a Marr, or Fair, formerly kept in it.
Marlborough Court, by Berwick Street, L.
Marsh, by Strandgate, in the Parish of St. Mary at Lambeth, S. It extends from Strandgate, or Standgate, to College Street.
Martlet Court, in Bow Street by Covent Garden, L.
Marybone Street, by Warwick Street near Piccadilly, L.
Marygold Alley, near Burleigh Street, in the Strand, L. It was in Old Times called the Py'd Fryers, from some Religious Order, perhaps, that had a Convent there.
Marygold Street, by West lane at Southwark Wall, S.
Marsham Street, W.
Mason's Alley, in Basinghall Street, L.
Masters's Alley, at Mill Bank, W.
Mayfair Row, behind Hayhill Row, L. Here was formerly a Fair kept in the Month of May, but it hath been put down for some Years, upon Account of a Constable been kill'd there, in the Execution of his Office, by one Cook, a Butcher; for which Murder he was hang'd at Tyburn, in 1703.
Maypole Alley, in Wich Street, L.
Maypole Alley, on St. Margaret's Hill, S
Maze Court, at the end of the Maze, S.
Maze, in Tooly Street, S. Here are many Hat-makers.
Maze Pond, in the Maze, S.
Medes Court, in Old Bond Street, L.
Mercers Court, in Great Tower Street, L.
Mercers Street, in Long Acre, L.
Merchants lane, in Thames Street, L.
Meuse, by Charing Cross in the Strand, L. Here the King's Coaches and Horses are kept.
Middle Holbourn, L. It reaches from Hatton Garden to Holbourn Bars, L.
Middle Moorfield, by Moorgate, L. At the South Corner of it is fixed on a Stone fasten'd in the Ground, an Iron Sun Dial, with this Inscription thereon: This Dial was placed here as a Boundary of the Parish of St. Stephen Coleman Street, in the memorable Year 1706, and in the 5th Year of the glorious Reign of our most gracious Sovereign, whom God long preserve.
Middle Row, at the end of Monmouth Street, L.
Middle Row, by Holbourn Bars, L. They are most Perriwig-makers who live here.
Middlesex Court, in Drury lane, L.
Middle Shadwell, by Barns's Hill in Upper Shadwell, L.
Middle Street, by Cloth Fair, L.
Mifoot Alley, by Dormant Hill, W. It is also called Brack Alley.
Miles's lane, near Fishmongers Hall in Thames Street, L.
Milford lane, in the Strand, L.
Milk Alley, by St. Anne's Church, L.
Milk Alley, in Peter Street by Stanhope Street, L.
Milk Alley, in Wapping, L.
Milk Street, in Cheapside, L.
Mill Bank, by the Thames side, W. Here is a Ferry, which wafts over Coaches, Horses and Passengers, to Lambeth.
Mill lane, in Tooly Street, S.
Mill Mount, by Goswell Street, L.
Mill Street, by Dockhead, S.
Mill Street, in Conduit Street near Piccadilly, L.
Mill Yard, in Rosemary lane, L.
Mincing lane, in Fenchurch Street, L. Here is the Clothiers Hall.
Mint Street, in the Mint, S.
Mitre Alley, in St. John Street, L.
Mitre Court, by Friday Street, L.
Mitre Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Mitre Court, in Shoemakers Row, just within Aldgate, L.
Monmouth Court, by little Turnstile in Holbourn, L.
Monmouth Court, in Monmouth Street, L.
Monmouth Street, near the Six Dials, L. It is mostly inhabited by Salesmen and brokers.
Montague Court, in Little Britain, L.
Montague Street, in Spittlefields, L.
Monument Yard, on Fishstreet Hill, L. So called from a Stone Pillar of a most stupendious Height erected there, to perpetuate the Remembrance of that most dreadful Conflagration which burnt down the City of London in 1666.
Moor's Alley, at Norton Faldgate, L.
Moor's Alley, in Kingstreet, W.
Moor's Court, on Old Fishstreet Hill, L.
Moor's lane, in Forestreet by Moorfields, L.
Moor Street, near Compton Street in Soho, L.
Morgan's? lane in Tooly Street, S.
Morle's Court, in Forestreet by Moorfields, L.
Moscovy Court, on Great Towerhill, L.
Moses and Aaron Alley, in Whitechapel, L.
Moses's Alley, by Smock Alley in Spittlefields, L.
Mouse Alley, in East Smithfield, L.
Much Court, near Schoolhouse lane in Boad Street, by Ratcliff Highway, L.
Muggarts Court, in Milkstreet, L.
Mugwell Street, by Silver Street, L.
Mutton Court, in Maiden lane, by Goldsmiths Hall, L.
Mutton lane, near Clerkenwell Green, L.