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"N" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Nags Head Alley, on St. Margarets Hill, S.
Nags Head Court, by the Monument on Fishstreet Hill, L.
Nags Head Court, in Gracechurch street, L.
Nags Head Court, on Snowhill, L.
Narrow Wall, by the Thames side, L. It extends from College Street to Cupid's Bridge, and thence to Angel Street.
Naylors Yard, in Queen Street by the Six Dials, L.
Neat Houses, a little beyond the Earl of Peterborough's House at Mill Bank, W. They are a few scattering Houses on the Thames side in Tothill Fields, inhabited mostly by Gardiners.
Neckinger, by Southwark Wall, S.
Nelsons Court, in Drury lane, L.
Neptune Street, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Nettleton Court, in Aldersgate Street, L.
Nevils Alley, in Fetter lane, L.
Nevils Court, in Rosemary, lane, L.
New Bond Street, by Old Bond Street, L.
Newcastle Court, in Butcher Row by Temple Bar, L.
New Court, in Cary Street, L. Before Daniel Burges, the Presbyterian Parson, had a Meeting-house built here, it was called Rogue lane; having been in old Times (as Tradition goes) a Place for the Execution of Malefactors.
New Court, in little New Street near Fetter lane, L.
New Court, in the Middle Temple, L.
New Court, in Throgmorton Street, L.
New Crane, by Wapping, L.
New Exchange, in the Strand, L. It was named Great Britains Burse, by King James the first.
New Fishstreet, by Great Eastcheap, L.
New Fishstreet Hill, by the Monument, L.
Newgate Market, in Newgate Street, L. The Market is kept on Tuesdays, Thursdays andSaturdays.
Newgate Street, L. It was formerly called Chamberlain Gate; and the Place of Confinement over it, is the County Gaol for Malefactors, and such Debtors who are arrested by the Officers under the Sheriff of Middlesex.
New George Street, in Spittlefields, L.
New Gravel lane, Ratcliff Highway, L.
Newington Causeway, by Blackman Street, S.
New Inn, in Wich Street, in Drury lane, L.
New Inn Yard, in Shoreditch, L.
New Leg Court, in Peter Street, W.
Newman's Court, in Cornhill, L.
Newmarket Street, at the end of Old Gravel lane by Wapping, L.
New Middle Row, in Goswell Street, L. Built Anno 1692.
New Northstreet, by Red Lion Square, L.
New Ormond Street, by Great Ormond Street, L.
New Packthread Alley, in Grange Road, S.
New Palace Yard, W. Here is the largest Hall in Europe, in which are kept the High Court of Chancery, and the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer. Here is also a Plying-place for Watermen, called Westminster Bridge.
Newport Court, by little Newport Street, L.
Newport Market, L. Built where the Earl of Newport's House formerly stood; and its Market Days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Newport Street, in St. Martin's lane in the Strand, L.
New Pye Street, by Orchard Street, W.
New Queen Street, in Oxford Street, in Tyburn Road, L.
New Red Lion Court, in Cursitors Alley, L.
New Rents, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
New Street, in St. Martins lane in the Strand, L.
New Street, by Cam's Court in Hopton Street, L.
New Street, by Cloth Fair, L.
New Street, by Old Street Square, L.
New Street, by Shoe lane, L. Noted for Cutlers.
New Street, by the Maze, S.
New Street, in lower Shadwell, L.
New Street, in Pig Street by Threadneedlestreet, L.
New Street Square, near Fetter lane, L.
New Way, near Maze Pond, S.
New Yard, by Holbourn Bars, L.
Nicholas Court, in Rosemary lane, L.
Nicholas lane, in Cannon Street, L.
Nichol Newstreet, in Spittlefields, L.
Nichol Street, in Spittlefields, L.
Nightingale lane, by Forestreet at Limehouse, L.
Nightingale lane, in East Smithfield, L.
Nippards Court, in Baldwyn's Garden, L.
Noah's Ark Alley, in Forestreet at Limehouse, L.
Noble Street, by Foster lane, L.
Noble Street, in Goswell Street, L.
Norfolk Street, in the Strand, L. Built where the Duke of Norfolk's House formerly stood.
Norris Street, by St. James's Market, L.
North Street, by Red Lion Square, L.
North Street, by Spittlefields market, L.
Northumberland Alley, in Fenchurch Street, L.
Northumberland Court, by Northumberland House in the Strand, L.
Northumberland Court, in Old Southampton Buildings in High Holbourn, L. It is also called King's Head Court, from an adjacent Tavern bearing the Sign of King Henry the Eight.
Norton Faldgate, by Bishopsgatestreet, L.
Nottingham Street, by Plumstreet Square, L.
Norwich Court, by the Maypole in East Smithfield, L.