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"O" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Oar Street, in Gravel lane, S.
Oatmeal Yard, in Crucifix lane, S.
Oat Street, in Noble Street near Foster lane, L.
Off Alley, in York Buildings, L.
Old Artillery Ground, in Spittlefields, L.
Old Bedlam, in lower Moorfield, L. Its right Name is Bethlehem.
Old Bond Street, in Piccadilly, L.
Old Change, near Watling Street, L.
Old Fishstreet Hill, by Nicholas Church, L.
Old Fishstreet, L.
Old Gravel Lane, in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Old Jewry Court, by the Church of St. Olave Jewry in Old Jewry, L.
Old Jewry, in Cheapside, L. Several Places in London have the Denomination of Jewry, from some few Jews who dwelt thereabout in former Times; but now they are exceedingly more increased both in Number and Wealth, than heretofore, when they were banished, taxed, and punished by King Edward the First, and others.
Old Packthread Alley, in Grange Road, S.
Old Palace Yard, W. Here is the Parliament House, in which the Lords Spiritual and Temporal sit; and St. Stephen's Chapel is the Place the Commons meet to do Business. Here is also a Plying-place for Watermen.
Old Pye Street, by Duck lane, W.
Old Street, L.
Old Street Square, in Old Street, L. But its right Name is St. Bartholomew Square, as belonging to St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
Old Southampton Buildings, in High Holbourn, L.
Old Swan lane, in Thames street, L. Here is a Plying-place for Watermen.
Oliver's Alley, near Lumly Court in the Strand, L.
Oliver's Court, in the Bowling Alley, W.
Orange Court, in Orange Street, L.
Orange Street, by Red Lion Square, L.
Orange Street, in Castle Street by the Meuse, L. Built where the Duke of Monmouth (that was beheaded) had an House, called Monmouth's Stables.
Orchard Street, W.
Ormond Street, by Queen's Square, L. Here is a stately Stone House belonging to Squire Herbert, called Lord Powis, and behind it is a Well, whose Water is reckon'd Medicinal for sore Eyes.
Oxendon street, near the Hay Market, L.
Oxford Court, by St. Swithin's Church in Cannon Street, L.
Oxford Square, in Tyburn Road, L. This Road is so called from a Gallows having 3 Posts supporting 3 Beams triangular-wise, for the Execution of Malefactors.
Oxford street, by St. Giles's Pound, L. It extends to the new Buildings on both sides the Road.