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"P" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Packers Court, in Coleman Street, L.
Pallmall, by St. James's House, L.
Pallmall Court, in Pallmall, L.
Palsgrave Court, near Temple Bar in the Strand, L.
Pancras lane, by little Queen street, near Cheapside, L. So called from the Church of St. Pancras in it.
Pannier Alley, in Paternoster Row, L.
Panton Street, by Leicester Fields, L.
Paris Garden, by Gravel lane, S. Here was formerly much Bearbaiting, and other the like Sports, which are now used at Hockly i' ih' Hole; also here was lately a cucking [sic] Stool, hanging over a large Pond, for the ducking of scolding Women; but it is now down. And here is a Plying-place for Watermen.
Parish street, in Horslydown, S.
Parkers lane, in Drury lane, L.
Parkers Rents, in Whitecross street, L.
Park Place, by the stone Steps in St. James's street, L.
Park Prospect, in Queen street, L.
Park street, by Cartwright street, W.
Parsons Court, in Bride lane, L.
Partners Yard, in Shoreditch, L.
Paternoster Row, by Cheapside Conduit, L.
Paternoster Row, fronting the New Church in Spittlefields, L.
Patricks Court, in Houndsditch, L.
Pav'd Alley, against Bridewell Bridge, L.
Pav'd Alley, in King John's Court by Holloway lane in Shoreditch, L.
Pav'd Alley, in St. James's Market, L.
Pav'd Alley, in Whitefryers, L.
Pav'd Court, in Fullers Rents, L.
Paviours Court, in Grub Street, L.
Paulin street, in Hanover Square, L.
Paul's Alley, in Aldersgatestreet, L. Here is a Presbyterian Meetinghouse.
Paul's Alley, in Chizel Street, L.
Paul's Alley, in St. Paul's Churchyard, L.
Paul's Chain, by St. Paul's Churchyard, L. Here is kept the Herald's Office, belonging to the Earl Marshal of England.
Paul's Court, in Fenchurch street, L.
Paul's Court, in Whitefryers, L.
Paul's Wharf, against St. Bennets Church in Thames Street, L.
Peal's Alley, in Upper Shadwell, L.
Pearl street, in Spittlefields, L.
Pearman's Buildings, in Stable Yard, W.
Pear street, by Duck lane, W.
Peartree Alley, in Shoreditch, L.
Peartree Court, in Hockly in the Hole, L.
Pedlars street, in new Bond Street, L.
Peel's Alley, in Barnaby street, S.
Pelham street, in Spittlefields, L.
Pennington street, by John's Hill in Ratcliff Highway, L.
Pensioners Alley, by Kingstreet, W.
Pepper Alley, near the Bridgefoot, L. Where is a Plying-place for Watermen.
Pepper street, near Duke street, S.
Perkins's Rents, by New Pye Street, W.
Perkins's Rents, in Leather lane, L.
Perriwinckle street, by Ratcliff Square, L.
Pescod Alley, in St. John street, L.
Peter Alley, by St. Peter's Church in Cornhill, L.
Peterborough Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Peterborough Court, in Little Britain, L.
Peter Hill, in Thames street, L. Here are 6 Almhouses for 6 poor Widows, built by David Smith, Embroiderer to Queen Elizabeth, in the Year 1564; and left to the Governors of Christ's Hospital; but being burnt down in 1666, they were rebuilt by Sir Thomas Fitch, Knight.
Peter lane, by Hicks's Hall, L.
Peter's Court, in Wheelbarrow Alley in Rosemary lane, L.
Peter Street, by Berwick street, L.
Peter street, by Bow street at the End of High Holbourn, L.
Peter street, by Smith's Street, W.
Peter street, in Stanhope street, L.
Peter street, in Tunball street, L.
Peter street, near Tothill Fields, L.
Petticoat lane, in Whitechapel, L.
Petty France, by the Broadway, W.
Petty France, in lower Moorfield, L.
Philip lane, near Sion College, L.
Phillips Court, in Grub street, L.
Philpot lane, near little Eastcheap, L.
Phoenix Alley, in Hart street, near Covent Garden, L.
Phoenix Court, in Newgate street, L.
Phoenix street, in Plumtree street, by St. Giles's Church in the Fields, L.
Piccadilly, by the Hay Market, L.
Pickaxe street, Vid. Aldersgatestreet.
Pig street, by Broad street, L.
Pilkington Court, in Little Britain, L.
Pine Alley, in the Broadway, W.
Pipemakers Alley, in Great St. Anne's lane, W.
Pinnershall Court, in Broadstreet, L. So called from the Hall of that Company built there; and used by the Presbyterians for a Meetinghouse.
Pissing Alley, against Surry street in the Strand, L.
Pissing Alley, in Bread street, L.
Pitfield street, near Hoxton Square, L. At the North end of this Street is a stately Hospital, built on 48 Pillars of Stone, Anno 1692, at the Charge of Robert Aske, Esq; whose Effigies is placed over the middle of it, with an Inscription on it thus: The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers built this pursuant to the Gift and Trust of Robert Aske, Esq; a late worthy Member of it, for the Relief of 20 Members, and for the Education of 20 Boys, Sons of deceased Freemen of the Company.
Playhouse Yard, in Whitecross street, L.
Plough Alley, in Barnaby street, S.
Plough Court, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Ploughman's Rents, in Tunball street, L.
Plough street, in Whitechapel, L.
Plough Yard, in Fetter lane, L.
Plumtree Court, on Holbourn Hill, L.
Plumtree Square, in Plumtree street, L.
Plumtree street, in St. Giles's, L.
Plympton Court, in Forestreet, by Moorfields, L.
Poland street, by Broad Street near Cambridge Street, L.
Poppins Alley, in Fleetstreet, L.
Poppit Court, in Shoe lane, L.
Porridgepot Alley, in Aldersgatestreet, L.
Porters Block, in St. John's Street, L.
Porter street, near Newport Market, L.
Portugal Street, by Lincolns Inn Fields, L. Here is a New Theatre or Playhouse.
Postern, by Aldermanbury, L. There is another short Street by it, on the same side of the way, which also goes through London Wall, in Forestreet, called Postern.
Postern, by Great Towerhill, L.
Poultry Alley, going into the Poultry Compter, L.
Poultry, in Cheapside, L. Here is a Prison called the Poultry Compter, where both Debtors and Criminals are confined.
Powder'd Beef Court, in Cabbage lane, W.
Prescod street, in Lemon Street, near Whhitechapel, L.
Preston's Yard, in the Great Minories, L.
Price's Court, in Gravel lane, L.
Prichard's Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Primrose Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Primrose Alley, near St. Mary Overy's Church, S.
Prince's Court, in Drury lane, L.
Prince's Court, in Long Ditch, L.
Prince's Court, in Lothbury, L.
Prince's Court, on little Towerhill, L.
Prince's Row, by Chapel Street near Upper Moorfield, L. It is a pretty Row of Houses, newly built on the South side of the Artillery Ground.
Prince's street, by Hanover Square, L.
Prince's street, by Red Lion Square, L.
Prince's street, by St. Anne's Church, L.
Prince's street, in Barbican, L.
Prince's street, in Drury lane, L.
Prince's street, near Stocks Market, L.
Printinghouse street, in Blackfryers, L.
Printinghouse Yard, in Blackfryers, L. Here is the King's Printinghouse, where Bibles, Common Prayer Books, Proclamations, Acts of Parliament, and other Things, are printed by his Majesty's Authority.
Prior Alley, in Thames street, L.
Prior Lane, in Thames street, L.
Providence Court, in Peter street, W.
Prugean's Court, in Old Baily, L.
Pudding Lane, near Monument Yard, L. Here, at a Baker's House, began the most dreadful Fire of London, betwixt 11 and 12 o' th' Clock on Saturday Night, the 2d of September, 1666.
Puddle Dock, at the bottom of Puddledock Hill, L.
Puddledock Hill, at the West end of Thames Street, L.
Pump Alley, in Gardiners lane in Kingstreet, W.
Pump Alley, in Perkins's Rents by New Pye Street, W.
Pump Alley, near Ewers's Street in Gravel lane, L.
Pump Court, in the Middle Temple, L.
Pump Court, in White Hart Street in Catherine Street in the Strand, L.
Pump Yard, in the Great Minories, L.
Pye Corner, by West Smithfield, L. A noted Place for Cooks.