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"R" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Racket Court,in Fleetstreet, L.
Rag Alley, in Golden lane, L.
Ragged Staff Alley, in Drury lane, L.
Ram Alley, in Fleetstreet, L.
Ratcliff Cross, by Forestreet at Limehouse, L. Here is a good Plying-place for Watermen.
Ratcliff Highway, L.
Ratcliff Square, near Ratcliff Highway, L.
Ratcliff street, in Ratcliff Highway, L. Built Anno 1693.
Rathlone's Place, in Tyburn Road, L.
Red Bull Alley, in Kent Street, S.
Red Cross Alley, in Jewen Street, L.
Red Cross Alley, on St. Margaret's Hill, L.
Red Cross Court, in Great Tower Street, L.
Red Cross street, at the end of Queen Street, S.
Red Cross street, by St. Giles's Church without Cripplegate, L.
Red Cross street, in East Smithfield, L.
Red Gate Court, in Rosemary lane, L.
Red Hart Court, in Forestreet by Moorfields, L.
Redhill's Rents, in Vine Street by Hatton Wall, L.
Red Lion Alley, at Cow Cross, L.
Red Lion Alley, by London Wall near Bedlam, L.
Red Lion Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Red Lion Court, at St. Paul's Chain, L.
Red Lion Court, at Wapping, L.
Red Lion Court, at Windmill Hill, L
Red Lion Court, in Bennet Street near Christ Church, S.
Red Lion Court, in Cock lane by West Smithfield, L.
Red Lion Court, in Drury lane, L. So called from being built on the Ground where the Red Lion Inn formerly stood.
Red Lion Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Red Lion Court, in Silver Street by Mugwell Street, L.
Red Lion Court, in White Hart Street in Catherine Street in the Strand, L. So called from an Ordinary formerly kept there, which bore the Sign of the Red Lion.
Red Lion Court, in Holloway lane, L.
Red Lion Market street, in Whitecross Street, L.
Red Lion Square, L.
Red Lion Street, by Clerkenwell, L.
Red Lion street, in High Holbourn, L. It reaches from thence to Lamb's Conduit, which formerly stood in a Field, but now being almost ruinous, 'tis situated in this Street, and near it is building a new Chapel.
Red Lion street, in the Borough, S.
Red Lion street, in Whitechapel, L.
Red Lion Yard, in Barnaby Street, S.
Red Lion Yard, in Houndsditch, L.
Red Rose Alley, in Whitecross Street, L.
Retten's Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Reyndeer Yard, by White Horse Yard in Drury lane, L.
Richmond street, in Princes Street near St. Anne's Church, L.
Richmond street, vid. Back street.
Rickman's Rents, by Limehouse Bridge, L.
Rider's Court, by Newport Market, L.
Robinhood's Court, in Fetter lane, L.
Robinhood's Court, in Thames Street, L.
Rood Lane, by St. Margaret Pattons Church, L.
Ropemakers Alley, in little Moorfield by Moorfields, L. At the end of this Alley is an House, which has the Privilege to keep a Latch, or Door, which lets one into Grub street, for which the Passenger is to pay the Tenant thereof one Farthing; from which Custom it is called Farthing Latch.
Ropemakers Field, by Three Coal Street near Limehouse Hole, L.
Rope Walk, in Goswell Street, L. Near it, on the same side of the way, is another Place bearing the same Name.
Rose Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet, L.
Rose Alley, in Hand Alley in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Rose Alley, in High Holbourn, L.
Rose Alley, in Maid lane, S.
Rose Alley, in Thieving lane, W. It was formerly called Scotch Alley; but hath obtained its modern Name from the Sign of the Rose, a Victualling House going into it, and kept at present by one Thomas Smith.
Rose Alley, in Tunball Street, L.
Rose and Crown Alley, at Whitechapel, L.
Rose and Crown Alley, in Blackman Street, S.
Rose and Crown Alley, in Tooly Street, S.
Rose and Crown Court, in Foster lane, L.
Rose and Crown Court, in Grays Inn lane, L.
Rose and Crown Court, in Rosemary lane, L.
Rose and Crown Court, in Shoe lane, L.
Rose Court, on Great Towerhill, L.
Rose Lane, in Spittlefields, L.
Rosemarybranch Alley, in Rosemary lane, L.
Rosemary Lane, by Towerhill, L.
Rose street, by Soho Square, L. Built Anno 1690.
Rose street, by White Horse Street near Stepney, L.
Rose street, by New Street in Covent Garden, L.
Rose Tard[sic], in Shoreditch, L.
Round Court, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
Round Court, in the Strand, L. Noted for Mercers.
Royal Exchange, in Cornhill, L. First founded, as also Gresham College in Bishopsgatestreet, by Sir Thomas Gresham, a rich Merchant.
Royal Oak Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Royal Oak Court, in Parkers lane, in Drury lane, L.
Rufford's Buildings, by Wood's Close, L.
Rupert street, by Edmonds Court near St. Anne's Church, L.
Russel Court, against St. James's Guard House, L.
Russel Court, in Drury lane, L. Here is a Chapel belonging to the Church of England.
Russel street, by Bloomsbury Square, L. Here is a most stately House belonging to the Duke of Montague.
Russel street, by Covent Garden, L.
Rutland Court, in Thames street, L.