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"T" - Street Index


SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

Tabernacle Alley, in Fenchurch street, L.
Talbot Court, in little Eastcheap, L.
Talbot Court, on Fishstreet Hill, L.
Tapping's Wharf, opposite to the new Church at Mill Bank, W.
Tart's Court, in West Smithfield, L.
Tavistock Row, by Tavistock Street near Covent Garden, L.
Tavistock street, in Southampton street in the Strand, L.
Taylors Court, in Bow lane, L.
Temple, in Fleetstreet, L. It is two famous Inns of Court, divided into the Inner and Middle Temple; in the first of which is an ancient Chapel, the King's Bench, Crown, and Alienation Offices; in the other, a very fine old Hall, and Rookery.
Temple Lane, in Fleetstreet, L. Here is a great Plying-place for Watermen.
Temple Street, in Whitefryers, L.
Tennis Court, in Middle Row in Holbourn, L.
Tenter Alley, in little Moorfield by Moorfields, L.
Tenter Alley, in the Maze, S.
Tenter Ground, in King Street by Upper Moorfield, L.
Thacker's Court, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Thackum's Court, in Vine Street by Shandos Street, L.
Thames Street, L. The longest Street in London.
Thatch Alley, in Chick lane, L.
Thatch house Alley, near Halfmoon Street in the Strand, L.
Thavy's Inn, on Holbourn Hill, L.
Theobalds Court, in Theobalds Row, L.
Theobalds Row, by Red Lion Square, L.
Thieving Lane, in King Street, W. Vid. Bow Street, W.
Thomas's Rents, in Forestreet at Limehouse, L.
Thomas's Street, in Drury lane, L.
Thomas's Street, in Whitechapel, L.
Thompson's Rent, at London Wall near Bedlam, L.
Threadneedle Alley, in lower Moorfield, L.
Threadneedle Street, L. Here is kept the Office of the Southsea Company.
Three Coal Street, by the new Church near Limehouse, L.
Three Crane Alley, in Thames Street, L. Here is a Plying-place for Watermen.
Three Crane Court, in the Borough, S.
Three Crown Alley, in the Minories, L.
Three Crown Alley, in Bride lane, L.
Three Crown Court, in Fore Old Jewry near Aldgate within, L.
Three Crown Court, in the Borough, S.
Three Cup Alley, in Shoreditch, L.
Three Dagger Court, in Fore Street by Moorfields, L.
Three Dove Court, in St. Martin le Grand, L.
Three Falcon street, in Fleetstreet, L.
Three Fox Court, in Long lane, L.
Three Herring Court, in St. Thomas's Street, S.
Three Horseshoe Alley, in Chick lane, L.
Three Horseshoe Court, in Giltspur Street, L.
Three King Alley, in Whitecross Street, L.
Three King Court, in Fleetstreet, L.
Three Leg Alley, in Fetter lane, L. Is is also called Red Lion Passage, from a paltry Inn there which bears that Sign; and hath a Thorough fair upon Sufferance, through the House of one Samuel Francome, Victualler, at the Sign of the Horsehoe in West Harding Street.
Three Leg Alley, in Old Bedlam, L.
Three Leg Court, in Whitecross Street, L.
Three Pidgeon Alley, in Barbican, L.
Three Sheer Alley, on Garlick Hill, L.
Three Tun Alley, in Bishopsgatestreet without, L.
Three Tun Alley, near the King's Bench, S.
Three Tun Alley, opposite to London Wall by Bedlam, L.
Three Tun Court, in Fleet lane, L.
Three Tun Court, in Red Cross Street, L.
Thrift street, by Soho Square, L.
Throgmorton street, L. Here the Drapers have a very fine Hall.
Tidewaiters Court, in the little Minories, L.
Tight's Alley, in Forestreet at Limehouse, L.
Tilt Yard, by Whitehall, L. Here the Foot Guards daily do Duty, as the Life Guards do by them at the Horse Guard.
Titus Court, by Saffronhill, L.
Tobacco Roll Court, in Gracechurch street, L.
Tokenhouse Yard, in Lothbury, L.
Tooly Corner, by Glean Alley in Tooly street, S.
Tooly Gate, in Tooly street, S.
Tooly street, at the Bridgefoot, S. Here is a Gaol called the Compter, for the Confinement of Debtors.
Tothill side, near Petty France, W.
Tower Royal, by St. Antholin's Church in Watling street, L.
Tower street, near Monmouth street, L.
Towhouse Yard, at Cockhill, L.
Town Ditch, by Little Britain, L.
Trinity Court, in Aldersgatestreet, L. 'Tis near St. Botolph's Church without the Gate.
Trinity Lane, in Bow lane in Cheapside, L. Here the German Protestants have a Church.
Trotter Alley, in Barnaby Street, S.
Trump Alley, against Bow lane in Cheapside, L.
Trump street, in King Street by Cheapside, L.
Tufton street, on the West side of the new Church, W.
Tun Alley, by Hungerford Market, L.
Tunball street, by Cow Cross, L.
Turdshead Alley, in Golden lane, L.
Turn again Lane, by Fleetditch, L.
Turnstile Alley, in Drury lane, L. It was formerly (when a most notorious Nest of Strumpets) called Dog and Bitch Yard.
Turnwheel Lane, by London Stone in Cannon Street, L.
Turtle Court, in Barnaby Street, S.
Tweet street, in Berwick Street, S.
Twelve Bell Alley, in Bow lane, in Cheapside, L.
Twiford Alley, in Petty France, W.
Twisters Alley, in Bunhill lane, by Upper Moorfield, L.
Two Brewers Yard, in Golden lane, L.
Two Leg Alley, in Old Bedlam, L.
Tyburn Lane, by Hyde Park, L.
Tyger Court, in Whitecross Street, L.
Tyler street, by King street near Golden Square, L.