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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830

From Tuesday's London Gazette.

[This Gazette contains the appointment of the Right Hon. J. Abercrombie to be Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland, and the nomination of  Dr. W. Carey, Bishop of Exeter, to the Bishopric of St. Asaph, in the room of Dr. Luxmore, deceased;  the appointment of the Rev. Dr. Chandler to be Dean of Chichester, in the room of of Dr. Slade, deceased; the Rev. R. W. Jelf, M.A. and the Rev. Dr. Bull, to the Canons of Christ Church, Oxford, in the room of Drs. Hay and Pett, deceased; and the Rev. J. S. Cocks, M.A. to be Canon of Worcester Cathedral.]


E. Morris, Wrexham, Denbighshire, tawer.
J.W. Bell, Pinners' Hall, Broad-street, insurance-broker.
P.S. Sampson, Brighton, bookseller.

Bankruptcy Enlarged.

G.T. Elgie, Silver-street, wine merchant, from Feb. 26 to April 16.

Bankruptcy Superseded.

Sir W. Roberts, Bart. Courtlands, Devonshire, and Fowey, Cornwall, banker.


J.Roobard, Kensington Gravel-pits, brewer, to surrender March 9, 19, and April 6, at the Court of Commissioners. Att. Branscombe, Fleet-street.

T. Flutter, Hennrietta-street, Cavendish-square, linen draper, March 2, 9, and April 6, at the same place. Att. Waugh, Great James-street, Bedford-row.

T. Smith, Bride-lane, Fleet-street, and Walnut-tree Walk, Lambeth, wine merchant. Feb. 26, March 9, and April 6, at the same place. Att. Gellatly, Wellington-place, Limehouse.

W. J. Lawson, Lombard-street, bill broker, Feb. 26, March 2, and April 6, at the same place. Att. Clayton, John-street, Bedford-row.

S. East, Lavenham, Suffolk, innkeeper, Feb. 26, March 5, and April 6, at the same place. Atts. Harris and Tyas, Beaufort-buildings, Strand.

T. Bowling, Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, and M. Bowling, Kent-street, Southwark, merchants, March 17, 18, and April 6, at the Kingston Hotel, Kingston-upon-Hull. Atts. Hicks and Marris, Gray's Inn-square.

L. and I. Isaacs, Manchester, furriers, March 6, 8, and April 6, at the Claredon Rooms, Liverpool. Atts. Makinson and Sanders, Middle Temple.

E. Jones, Liverpool, victualler, March 6, 8, and April 6, at the Clarendon Buildings, Liverpool. Atts. Taylor, Clement's Inn.

J. Pope, Great Yarmouth, cabinet maker, March 2, 3, and April 6, at the Duke's Head Inn, Great Yarmouth. Att. Dax and Alger, Bedford-row.

W. Hardy, Kirkby, Moor-side, tailor, March 10, 11, and April 6, at the offices of Messrs. Jacomb and Tindal, Huddersfield. Att. Van Sandau and Brown, Old Jewry.

H. Kay, Leeds, victualler, Feb. 26, at the offices of Mr. Hargreaves, Leeds, 27, and April 6, at the Court-house, Leeds. Atts. Battye and Co. Chancery-lane.

J. and C. Rayne, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, seed crushers, March 11, 17, and April 6, at the George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Att. Plumtre, Lamb-buildings, Temple.

D. Gibbons and C. Garrett, jun. Bristol, millers, March 12, 13, and April 6, at the White Hart Inn and Tavern, Bath. Att. Williams, Verulam-buildings, Gray's Inn.

J. P. Hyams, Liverpool, brandy merchants, March 5, 6, and April 6, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Atts. Taylor and Roscoe, Temple.

H. Johnson, Trowell, Nottinghamshire, coal dealer, March 9, 18, and April 6, at the Black Moor's Head Inn, Nottingham. Atts. Hurd and Johnson, Temple.

H. T. Smith and J. Smith, York, drapers, March 15, 16, and April 6, at the Palace Inn, Manchester. Atts. Appleby and Charnock, Raymond-buildings, Gray's Inn.

G. Danby, Tarlton, Lancashire, corn dealer, March 5, 6, and April 6, at the office of Mr. Bray, Preston. Atts. Ellis and Walmesly, Chancery-lane.

J. Baker, Birmingham, grocer, March 12, 13, and April 6, at the Union Inn, Birmingham. Atts. Holme and Co. New Inn.


March 16. T.C. Biggs, Russia-row, silk manufacturer
March 16. O. Bowen, Crawford-street, St. Mary-le-Bone, draper
March16. H.B. Hall, Twickenham, innkeeper
March 5.  W.G. Tucker, Exeter, watchmaker
March 5.  T. Collinson and J.H. Tritton, Lombard-street, bankers
March 17. R.A. Smith, Sheffield, manufacturer of metal wares
March 16. B. Dryden, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, common brewer,
March 19. J. Bell, Liverpool, merchant
March 17. T. Bonner, Monkwearmouth, Durham, fitter
March 16. J. Winn, Brownshill, Gloucestershire, clothier


to be granted on or before March 16.

W. Richardson, Tottenham-court-road, ironmonger
J. Nichols, Bristol, builder
W. Graham, Leeds, draper
J. Hatch, Pershore, Worcestshire, bag manufacturer
R. Roberts, Ruthin, Denbighshire, draper
G. Chick, Bristol, dyer.

Partnerships Disolved.

Langley and Son, Wellington, Somersetshire, surgeons
R. Greenham and J. Molyneux, Liverpool, corn merchants
Shaw and Alexander, Limehouse, soap manufacturers
P. Catterall and T. Ainsworth, Preston, Cotton spinners
Horsfall and Speight, Sowerby-bridge, Yorkshire, dyers
W.M. Christy, I. Lloyd, J.K. Winterbottom, and J. Worsley, Stockport, bankers
G. Randall and J.W. Whereab, Chapel-street, Bedford-row
R. and S.S. Clark, New Fleet-market
B. and C. Ruck, Maidstone, builders,
S. Turner and Co. Markeaton, Derbyshire, Millers
G. Lohman and H.J. Toppin, Mark-lane, commission agents
H. Coulson and Son, Penzance, mercers
N. Knight and Co. Manchester, manufacturers
W.H. Hornby and Co. Blackburn, Lancashire, cotton spinners as far  as regards H. Haworth
A. Findon and S. Rose, South Moulton-street, milliners
W.H. Kilbinton and Co. Leeds, and Birstall, Yorkshire, wine merchants
T. Lee and T. Masson, Crick, Derbyshire, drapers
W. Webb and J. Mehrtens, Liverpool, suger refiners
Hodgson and Appleton, Liverpool, printers
J. and J. Allen, Birmingham, stampers
G. and G.V. Collinson, Chenies-street, Bedford-square, upholsterers.

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