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Bell's Weekly Messenger

Newspaper Archive

(No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830.)

Old Bailey Sessions

Bow Street

Revival of Hungerford Market

Horne v. Burton

D'Oyley v. D'Oyley

[Cripplegate Ward]

Births, Marriages, Deaths


Sarch v. Blackburn

Horder v. Norcutt

Sinclair v. Rotheram

Distress of the Jews

Distress of the Country

Cheap Books

Metropolitan Improvements

Extraordinary Discovery

Contrast in Prices & Labour

Destructive Fire

Fall of Pottery

Bankrupts, etc

Fashions for March


[Plundered his Employer]

Matricide and Suicide

St. Sepulchre

Attempted Suicide

[Burglary, Highgate]

Coal Whippers

Old Bailey (1)

Tailors' Benefit Society

Distress of the Country