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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830

[Cripplegate Ward.]

On Friday, a numerous meeting of the inhabitant house-holders of Cripplegate ward, took place at a building called the City Pantheon, in Grub-street, in consequence of a requisition to consider the propriety of petitioning the House of Commons, soliciting a reduction of the public burthens, and more especially the duties on malt and beer, with a view of supplying a beverage at a moderate price for the general consumer : and for so altering the mode of granting licenses as to destroy the monopoly that at present exists in the vending of malt liquors. Also for the extinction of the tithe system after the demise of the present life interests; the lowering the import duty on foreign corn; and to take into their consideration the necessity of effecting a salutary reform in the representation of the people. Alderman Wood in the chair. Resolutions to effect the above objects were agreed to, and a petition was drawn up, and ordered to be presented to the House of Commons by Alderman Wood.

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