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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830

Distress of the Country

On Monday a very full meeting was held in the Egyptian Hall, at the Mansion House, to consider of the distress so generally prevalent throughout the country. The Lord Mayor was in the chair. A variety of resolutions, consisting of nine, were moved by Mr. Legg, and seconded by Mr. Florence (sic) Young, expressing the opinions of the meeting in respect of the great depression, and consequent distress, existing in the mercantile, trading, manufacturing, and shipping concerns, and which press heavily upon the industrious and labouring classes; that the principal cause of all these evils is the enormous and over-whelming pressure of taxation, aided and assisted by the alteration of the currency, and the reciprocity system; they allege that his Majesty government are unacquainted with the real state and condition of the country, and that instead of commerce being active, it had for several years past fallen off to the account of several millions a year; that the retail trade was also suffering greatly; and that the proposed reductions of the taxes were inadequate to afford relief. The resolutions were supported by Mr. Alderman Waithman, Mr. Alderman Thompson, Mr. Alderman Wood, Mr. Wadden, and Mr. Richardson, Mr. H. Hunt proposed two resolutions, which imputed the distresses as arising from the "long, bloody, and extravagant wars against America and France, sanctioned and abetted it by a very large majority of a corrupt and self-elected House of Commons, and therefore a radical reform in the Commons House of Parliament is necessary." They were seconded, and carried unanimously. Alderman Thompson and Wood pledged themselves to support the petition in Parliament. The petition is to be presented to the House of Commons by Mr Alderman Waithman, and Lord Radnor is to present it to the House of Lords. Thanks were moved to the Lord Mayor, who expressed his willingness to forward upon all occasions the views of his fellow-citizens.

A requisition, which is already signed by fifty Common Council-men, is about to be presented to the Lord Mayor, for calling an especial Court to petition Parliament for an effectual Reform in the Commons House of Parliament.

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