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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830

Original and select.

The Duke of Wellington has, it is said, agreed to advance 200,000l. for the completion of the Thames Tunnel.

For some days past numbers of men have been employed in extending the width of the gravel walks in the enclosure in St. James's Park, and also in forming additional ones. It is said to be intended, previous to the completion of his Majesty's new Palace, to lay out the Green Park in a similar manner to that of St. James's.

The following returns show the number of persons admitted to view the British Museum in each year, from Christmas, 1823, to Christmas, 1829: The numbers from Christmas, 1823, to 1824, were 112,840; in 1825 the numbers were 127,643; in 1826, 123,302, in 1827, 79,131; in 1828, 81,228, and from Christmas, 1828, to Christmas, 1829, the Museum was visited by 68,104 persons.

It appears from a parliamentary return, that the number of steam-vessels employed in the United Kingdom, between January 1828, and January 1829, was 342; the total tonnage of which was upwards of 30,000 tons, and the number of men employed was 2,731.

One of the most effective means of curing a cut, bruise, or burn, is said to be the inside coating of the shell of a raw egg. Apply the moist surface to the wound; it will adhere of itself, leave no scar, and heal any wound, without pain, more speedily than any salve or plaster in the universe. [Editor: Based on current health guidelines, this medical advice should be ignored!]

Among the memorabilia of the late English Opera-house, it may be mentioned, that in the year 1799 it was the place where Mr. Winsor first exhibited specimens of the use and effect of gas, which has since become so magnificent a street light, but of which most of his audience were then incredulous.

A private view was given of Mr. Burford's Panorama, of Calcutta, on Friday last - one of the most splendid examples of this art we have ever inspected. Next to actually travelling to a city or country, these views afford the clearest and most comprehensive notions of what they really are; and the young in particular, never can forget the useful impressions of panoramic exhibition. In the present instance, the native costumes, remarkable characteristics, processions, jugglers, snake-dancers, palanquins, animals, &c. &c. are all introduced with brilliant effect; and especially on the side where the river is seen, the performance is extremely picturesque and beautiful. Tomorrow this interesting panorama will open to the public.

A speedy and certain remedy for chilblains is chalk dipped in vinegar. Dip a piece of chalk in vinegar, and rub it gently over the surface of the chilblain.

Profit of Patents —When the Patent Lever Watches were first invented, the ingenuity which the coutrivance displayed, and the simplicity of their construction, attracted great attention, and though the price charged was extremely high, yet their unprecedented accuracy brought them into very general use. The patent has now expired, and it is singular to observe how the price has altered. For a Gentleman's Silver Watch of the finest description, double-?ottomed cases, jewelled in four holes, capped, with stop, hard enamel dial, and hand to mark the seconds, the patentee was in the habit of charging his customers 21l. Similar watches are now offered by one of our London watch manufacturers, Mr. Thomas Savory, 54, Cornhill, for eight guineas and a half.

On the 7th instant, six individuals, all belonging to the same family, were found dead in their beds, at Vogelgrun, a village near Neuf-Brisack The family consisted of four children, with their father and mother, who were suffocated by the vapour of lighted charcoal and the smoke of some rags, imprudently placed under a furnace for the purpose of drying, which during the night had taken fire.—Paris Paper.

A German paper makes the following calculation of the average annual income of rectors in different countries of Europe:-

France(Catholic), 756 francs; European Russia(Greek Church), 244f.; Prussia(Protestant and Catholic), 1,460f.; Austria and Bohemia, 1,263f., Hungary, 1,482f.; Spain 1,430f.; Portugal, 2,906f.; England(Established Church), 10,155f.; Dissenters 1,569f.; Scotland(Presbyterian), 5,500f.; Dissenters 2,057f.; Ireland(Established church), 10,090f.; Catholic and others, 2,900f.

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