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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830



Sarch v. Blackburn

This was an action for the recovery of damages against the defendant for injury sustained by the plaintiff. The plaintiff in last July was passing by the defendant's residence, in Whitechapel, at twelve o'clock in the day, when a large dog ran out of his yard and bit the plaintiff very severely in the leg, so that he was obliged to go to the workhouse, where he was confined for a length of time from the effects of the accident, and has now only just recovered from the effects of the bite. This action was, therefore, brought for compensation, which, it was alleged, the plaintiff was entitled to, from the very grievous injury he sustained, and also the great loss of time he suffered, from the great length of time it was thought necessary to confine him in order to effect a perfect cure.

The evidence adduced on the trial went to show that the defendant was guilty of great negligence and incaution in not having his dog better secured, for want of which such accidents as these might be of very frequent occurrence.

The Jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff —Damages, 701.

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