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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830

Attempted Suicide

An extraordinary and most revolting occurrence took place on Thursday morning, in Albion-street, Commercial-road. A policeman, of the K division, hearing reiterated cries of "Murder!'' hurried along with several of the inhabitants, to the place from whence they proceeded. On going in he hastened upstairs, and the first object that presented itself was an elderly woman suspended from the banisters. As he approached her a female came toward her with a knife apparently for the purpose of cutting her down, but before she was able to do this a fellow roared out, at the same time snatching the knife from her hand, 'Let her hang!". The policeman at once cut her down, and having done so remonstrated with the ruffian who had evinced so much inhumanity. His remonstrance's, however, were only productive of further aggression. The callous-hearted scoundrel proved to be the son of the unfortunate woman whose death he seemed to be so anxious to expedite. After assaulting the officer he effected his escape; but, though unsuccessful in securing him, he took the poor old woman, who was about to be the victim of her son's crimes, into his care, and removed her for safety to the station-house. She was next day brought before Mr. Walker, at Lambeth-street, who asked her what could have induced her to commit so rash an act? In reply she said that it was the result of a momentary impulse caused by despondency. The magistrate hoped that it would operate as a warning to any future attempt at so rash an object. The old woman appeared sensible of the kindness shown towards her, and left the office, expressing her determination never again to resort to so dubious a mode of alleviating her misfortunes.

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