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Government of Ceylon.

The appointment of Mr. William Horton to the Government of Ceylon occasions the removal of the Lieut. Gen. Sir Edward Baines, who has for several years exercised the functions of Government at that extensive colony. Major General Sir John Wilson is appointed to succeed Major General Sir Hudson Lowe, as Lieutenant Governor, with the rank of second in command, the latter Officer returning home. Although the new Governor is a civilian, he is entitled to a personal staff, consisting of a military secretary, a private ditto, and two aides-de-camp, exclusive of other patronage which devolves upon him. The island of Ceylon embraces an immense extent of territory, extending 250 miles in length, and 195 in breath, including the kingdom of Kandy. His Excellency is the eldest son and heir apparent of Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart., of Osmaston. He represented the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme in three successive parliaments, and assumed the surname of Horton after that of Wilmot, in 1823, the right hon. gentleman having married in 1806 the daughter and co-heiress of Eusebius Horton, Esq.

Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger (No.1819, Sunday, February 6, 1831.)