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Bed Manufacturer

Yeomanry Cavalry, Horsemanship

Silver Spoons - German

Ware: New Manufacturing District

Pectoral Essence of Coltsfoot

Hughes's Pick's Cordial

Chemical Lamp Oil

Gawan's and Co.'s Patent Trusses

Publication: Surgery, Medical Botany

Advertisement for Cook, 1831

Artificial Teeth, 1831

Steam Carriages
Mr. Gurney's steam carriages commenced running on Tuesday ...

At the Mary-le-bone office on Monday, Samuel Province and Thomas Jackson, ...

Culverwell's Bathing Rooms

Imported Wines

Government of Ceylon
The appointment of Mr. William Horton to the Government of Ceylon ...

Wedding, Elopement
An "untoward event" took place at the altar of our parish church ...

Buckingham House, York House
Buckingham House and York House were pulled down at the same time ...

Universal Suffrage
The right of Universal Suffrage, however specious and sounding as a natural right ...

Adv: Hair Loss
A beautiful head of hair is the grandest ornament ...

Emigration, UK, Canada
total number of emigrants ...

Parisian Costumes
Townsend's selection of Parisian costumes for April ...

Turkey Carpets
A Great variety of Turkey carpets, of all Sizes ...

Internment of the late Earl of Darnley
On Saturday last the funeral of this lamented noblemen took place, ...

Failure of Messrs. Bond, Sons, Pattisall
The banking house on Messrs. Bond, Sons, and Pattisall, stopped payment ...

First English Colony in America
Many years elapsed before the English effected any settlement in America ...

Pure Filtered Water to the Metropolis
The members of the corporation have now before then several plans for supplying the metropolis with pure water ...

Foundation of Italian Church Music
About the middle of the fourteenth century, we may take the first symptom of taste and cultivation ...

Dreadful Distress in Derbyshire
The distress which prevails amongst the miners and weavers of the mountainous and cold district ...

Royal Academy, 1830
The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, which is annually an object of considerable interest ...

A Whale at Brighton
The curiosity of the inhabitants of Brighton and it vicinity has been highly excited ...

[Sale of slaves]
On Thursday a freehold estate of 3,400 acres, in Jamaica...

Ancient Relics
The partial draining of Loch Leven, which has lately been effected by the neighbouring proprietors...

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