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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1819, Sunday, February 6, 1831.

[Wedding, Elopement]

An "untoward event" took place at the altar of our parish church, on Monday morning last, deeply afflictive to the feelings of two young aspirants for the joys of matrimony. A young gentleman, in his 19th year, an officer in a regiment of Light Dragoons, and member of a highly respectable family in this county, was in the act of tying the connubial knot with a frail Cyprian, with whom he had formed a blissful intimacy at Leamington, when the ceremony was suddenly interrupted by the appearance and rude interposition of a police-officer, acting under the parental authority of the gallant's father. Notwithstanding the protestations, supplications, and imprecations of the disappointed pair, he bore off his prisoner to prison; from whence, on Tuesday last, he was, under strong escort, conveyed to his father's house.—Birmingham Journal