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[Loss of Hair]

Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1819, Sunday, February 6, 1831.

A beautiful head of hair is the grandest ornament belonging to the human frame; how strangely the loss of it changes the countenance, and prematurely brings on the appearance of old age, which causes many to recoil at being uncovered, and sometimes even to shun society to avoid the jests and sneers of their acquaintances, the remainder of their lives are consequently spent in retirement. In short even the loss of property fills not the generous thinking youth with that heavy sinking gloom as does the loss of his hair. To avert all these unpleasant circumstances, C. & A. Oldridge's Balm of Colombia stops the hair from falling off on the first application, and a few bottles restores it again; it also produces whiskers and eye-brows, prevents the hair from turning grey, makes it curl beautifully, and frees it from scurf. Price 3s. 6s. And 11s. per bottle. Numerous certificates of the first respectability, in support of the virtues of Oldridge's Balm, are shown by the proprietors, 1, Wellington Street, Strand, where it is sold, and by all the respectable perfumers and medicine sellers.