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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1819, Sunday, February 6, 1831.

German Silver Spoons

(Advertisement, 1831.)

Improved German Silver Spoons, Forks, &c.—Summers and Co., 10 and 11, St. Paul's Church-yard, having now had considerable experience in the manufacture of the above Metal, have overcome the difficulties which attended the first working of it. The Spoons and Forks instead of being cast as formerly, are now wrought in the same manner as Silver, which renders them equally free from imperfections, not more liable to break, and quite as durable. They now also manufacture ornamental handled Table and Dessert Knives, which it is scarcely possible to distinguish from the real metal; also Chamber Candlesticks of various patterns, which they can confidently recommend as the best substitute for silver, being only about the price of plated, and the constant wear to which they are exposed rather improving than injuring their appearance. The trade supplied with the improved Metal, in ingots or sheets, on lowest terms.