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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1821, Sunday, February 20, 1831



Pectoral Essence of Coltsfoot.

The herb Coltsfoot has long been distinguished for its excellent properties in the cure of Coughs, and other Pulmonary Complaints; and this essence has, in the course of a long practice, being found the most safe and effectual remedy for Coughs, and all Disorders of the Lungs. It gently opens the Breast, and immediately gives liberty of breathing, without any danger of taking cold, and thus it affords great relief in Asthmatic Complaints. It allays the tickling which provokes frequent coughing, cleanses the small glands, relaxes the fibres, and thereby enlarges the cavities of the vessels. Thus it will prevent Consumptions, if taken before the Lungs are ulcerated. It softens husky and dry Coughs, and heals rawness and soreness of the Chest.

This Pectoral Essence is prepared by James Ryan, Surgeon, in Bristol; and sold in Bottles at 2s. 9d. and 3s. 6d. each by F. Newbery and Sons, 45, St. Paul's church yard; ? Sanger, 150, Oxford Street, London; W. Pegg, Sun Fire office; No. 29, Dame Street, Dublin; and in most Country towns.

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