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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1821, Sunday, February 20, 1831

Culverwell's Bathing Rooms,

Founder Court, Lothbury, back of the Bank. Mr. Culverwell, M.R.C.S., begs to announce to the Profession and the Public, that his Establishment, which has undergone the most extensive alteration and improvement, is now the most complete in the Kingdom. The following Baths are kept always ready:—Warm, Fresh and Salt Water, Shower, Shampooing, Sulphur, Fumigating, Harrogate, Barege, Medicated Vapour, Douche, and every other description. For an ample Illustration of the efficacy of Bathing in Gouty, Rheumatic, Nervous, and other painful and Chronic disorders; also the several varieties of Skin diseases, independent of its luxurious and salutary tendency,—the reader is referred to Mr. Culverwell's Treatise, which may be had at the Baths, price 3s. 6d. Warm Bath, 2s. 6d ; Ten ditto 1l. 1s.