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Steam Carriages.

Mr. Gurney's steam carriages commenced running on Tuesday between Cheltenham and Gloucester, on which occasion the greatest interest was excited. The first carriage left the commissioners' yard about 12 o'clock, and was propelled several hours through the principal streets and roads in and about Cheltenham, apparently to divide, as much as possible, the people, and at the same time to gratify their curiosity. The carriage is elegant and light in appearance, and constructed to carry or draw, or both. On the steam-carriage were ten persons, and in the vehicle attached to it eight more. It continued running through the streets and Montpellier drives until three o'clock, when it returned to the commissioners' yard. The crowd by this time was divided, and after taking in water and coke, the carriage immediately started for Gloucester; it made the distance, nine miles in 48 minutes; the motion were steady and uniform, the rate scarcely varying perceptibly the whole distance. After taking in a fresh supply of water and coke at Gloucester, it returned again to Cheltenham, accompanied by several private carriages and gentlemen on horseback. The carriage was regulated, stopped, and turned, with most extraordinary facility, and although it would have been difficult to have driven quiet horses safely under similar circumstances, it is most satisfactory to observe that not the slightest accident occurred during the day.

Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, (No.1821, Sunday, February 20, 1831)