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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1821, Sunday, February 20, 1831

New manufacturing district,

Only 21 miles from London.

To Silk Brokers, Silk Throwsters, Silk Manufacturers, and Millers.

To be let, together or separately, WARE PARK MILLS, consisting of an extensive Building, formerly used as a Flour Mill; which, at a small expense, might be converted into a Silk Mill; also a very Large and Substantial FLOUR MILL, recently erected, and now in full trade, having five floors and eight pairs of stones. The supply of water is abundant, and the Fall twenty-one feet into the river Lee, navigable to London.
The Mills are separate, with two Dwelling houses, and several Cottages; midway between the towns of Ware and Hertford, one mile from each, and very near Bengoe—in these towns, there is a large unemployed youthful population, whose labour might be obtained on very advantageous terms to a manufacturer.
For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter, post paid, to Messrs. Potts and Beloe, 8, Lad Lane, London; or to Mr. Thomas Theobald, St Saviour's, Norwich.