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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1827, Sunday, April 3, 1831.

[Paris Fashions]

Townsend's selection of Parisian costumes for April, will, in consequence of the numerous novelties received from Paris, contain Eight Plates of Figures. Notwithstanding this addition to the embellishments, the price will, as usual, be only eighteen pence. A reference to the back numbers (any of which may be had at the publishers), will prove how invariably the London Fashions have been taken from these models.

Published by Arnold, Tavistock Street; Simpkin and Marshall; and J. Townsend, 11, Jermyn Street, two doors East of Regent Street; and may be had of all booksellers.
N.B.--One Plate is always appropriated to dresses for Fancy Balls.